Out of Time – Vegetarian Restaurant in Ibiza Town

Just visited my first vegetarian restaurant in my ibiza season this year. it’s a great place to take a rest and enjoy good and healthy food!!
It’s located in Ibiza town, near the castle.
And this year, compared to the last, it has even more vegan options and a nice self made vegan cheese!
I started with a almond cinnamon milk, had then as a starter a raw-vegetable-spaghetti salad, then a veggi burger and a tasty seitan dish….
A must have seen in Ibiza for sure!!
You can take part even in yoga and meditation classes there.








2 thoughts on “Out of Time – Vegetarian Restaurant in Ibiza Town

  1. Hi! Can you give me any more idea where this is? I remember being near the castle and eating in a square but would love to know where this place is or what it was called. Thanks.

    1. It’s located in Carrer de Jaume. A few meters to the left is an organic shop, called ‘Green Heart’.
      It’s the street where the entrance for cars going up the castle is.
      Can you imagine better where it is now? When have you been there?

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