Veganoteca – vegan supermarket in Barcelona

In Carrer Valldonzella 60, which is a few minutes from La Rambla by foot, is a vegan supermarket!!
If you have to buy your food supply you’ll find there everything you need!
Frozen food, all different kinds of milk, soy sausages and steaks and all for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
Also there are a few fresh baked chocolate croissants, donuts and snacks like this!
A really nice atmosphere and definitely a place where I would like to do my shopping every day!! πŸ˜‰
Really good to see more and more places like this!! πŸ™‚







2 thoughts on “Veganoteca – vegan supermarket in Barcelona

    1. It’s not expansive like in this small organic shops, but of course also not cheap like in a cheap supermarket.
      There were for example two packed muffins for 2 euro, and the fresh stuff like croissants were like the average.
      I bought a big pack of something like chocolate cornflakes for 5 euro, that’s maybe a little much but it’s a thing you don’t find do often.. And I bet it’s good!! πŸ˜‰
      All in one I as a student would be able to buy there regularly πŸ™‚

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