Self made vegan cheese (how to not make it;)

Today I found old pictures of us in Berlin, trying to make vegan cheese which was a big mess at the end!!
This is mora a recipe of how to don’t make vegan cheese πŸ˜‰
Maybe somebody has any advise to make it better?!!

We made it like followed:

β€’ we cooked 1 liter of soy milk till there
was a lot of foam on top
β€’ we let it cool down
β€’ we put it in a kitchen towel to press
out the liquid part and differ this from
the ‘cheese’
β€’ with what was left we we tried to
make something like a nice cottage
cheese with taste of herbs and added
much salt and different herbs


The result, a dip for our vegetables, was not like we planed!
From the whole liter soy milk was only a little left and this little was still really watery..
So maybe next time we try a vegan cheese with cashew nuts?!!
Or just a nice guacamole as a dip…
If you have any advise don’t hesitate to help us!! πŸ™‚



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