Some time ago, i decided to pay more attention to buy and eat vegetables +  fruits in the “right” time. Will say, on the one hand, i want to avoid environmental pollution through long transports and on the other hand i eat food in its best condition, with all vitamins and nutrients which normally get lost after a transport from other countries.

In the future i will share with you some my favorite recipes for the current plant i´m dealing with 🙂 I start with:


After a few weeks  of “pumpkin-time”, i see it in a new way, there are so many different ways to prepare it! And the best, all of them are quite uncomplicated and quick!

The one shown in the pictures is my absolutely favorite! Let´s call him Curry – Oven – Hokkaido!

time: 20 min


* Hokkaido pumpkin

* Olive oil

* red curry paste

* pressed garlic

* salt & pepper

* herbs

* paprika powder

* masala

if you like:

* chili

* onions

* smoked tofu


* cut the hokkaido in slices & heat the oven

* mix all the other ingredients in a small bowl

* put it over the pumpkin —> oven

* if you like, cut smoked tofu /onion in very small cubes and put it above all —> it will get CRISPY!

* after – 10-15 min, its smooth and tasty

Serve with a fresh green salad – DELICIOUS !!!


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