Pasta Pomodoro

Today I start with a new experiment! For I’ll be now a long time in Italy, I want to cook all typical Italian dishes in a vegan version!
I try to cook every week one traditional Italian delicacy!
And I start with the absolute classic dish: Pasta Pomodoro, which is actually already a vegan meal…

Cook noodles and don’t be shy to try something different than the classic white ones. I took it here, but also integral, pumpkin noodles or many more could be nice!

The sauce:
• fry chopped garlic in olive oil
• add half cocktail tomatoes and half
tomato purée
• simmer all for about half hour
• add salt
• serve it with fresh basil leaves on top

As simple as good !!

If you don’t like garlic, let the garlic toes (decide after taste how much you want to add) without chopping it, in one piece! Like this you can put it out before eating it.
Or as another option take onion instead

Vegan Parmesan on top?
Mix half yeast flakes and have almonds in a blender and add salt
(20 gram each should be enough, and salt according to taste)
Will give your meal an extra nice taste!

Bon apetito!



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