The Vegg – vegan egg yolk

Jippyyyyyyyyyyyy…. I got post today!!
The Vegg arrived at my home in Italy!
It’s a vegan substitute of egg yolk for making all the things I was, long time ago, used to do with the eggs of poor chickens! But this one is completely cruelty free!!
Can’t wait to try a few things like french toast or…..?!?!?
Spaghetti Carbonara…..
We’ll see it the next days!! πŸ™‚
Ideas welcome!

And watch out the website:



3 thoughts on “The Vegg – vegan egg yolk

    1. for i’m at the moment in a big chaos of writing for university at last minute i couldn’t find the time. but i planned to do it this week! What would you try to cook with it? i’m still thinking πŸ™‚

      1. Oh good luck to you! πŸ˜€ hmm.. well on toast in any case. That would be the ultimate test wouldn’t it? Nothing beats eggs on toast lol! But besides that.. maybe a frittata? So yummy.

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