Pasta Bolognese

Week 3 of my every-week-one-tipical-Italian-meal-in-vegan project and I already forgot to realize it in week 2 !!
So this week I will post, which fits really good to this one now, a dessert!
But now to our vegan Italian meal of the day!
I choose another classical one, pasta Bolognese!
You need:

• 200 gr. of soy minced meat
• 1 carrot
• celery (1 stem and a few leaves)
• 1 onion
• a half to 3/4 liter tomato purée (self made or in a can)
• olive oil
• salt

Chop all the vegetables in small pieces and start frying it in olive oil, after 5 to 10 minutes add the minced soymeat and fry for other 5 minutes. Add the tomato purée and let it cook for minimum 15 minutes. After taste for consistence add optional water.
Cook your pasta…. And ready!!





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