Un Punto Macrobiotico

Berlinveganlove girl Sünne and me were this weekend reunited in Rome and if course enjoyed together the great Italian kitchen!
We found among a lot of other nice places this macrobiotic restaurant in San Lorenzo.
It’s not really a vegetarian restaurant because they have one or two things with fish but the rest is completely vegan because there are no meat, dairy or eggs used!
We took the lunch menu for 10 euro and of course tasted all of the different cakes for dessert!
The lunch menu consists 5 different meals like whole grain salads, pasta or couscous Gnocchi with almond cream sauce.
After eating a lot of fatty and heavy food it was our rescue!
We were in Via del Volsci 121 where you find next to the restaurant also a macrobiotic shop!
But also in Via dei Campani 65/67 is another macrobiotic restaurant, but with pizza. This should be checked out soon!






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