Self made Seitan

I made it!!! I made my first self made Seitan!! And it’s quite easy!!
All you need is:
flour and water!!
Nothing more!
Mix first 500 gram of flour with water till you have a nice dough. Put your dough ball in a bowl add water till the ball is completely under the water and let it like this for the next 8 hours!
After this you have to wash your flour-ball-soon-Seitan-thing… And this actually a lot!
Ready with this pack it in a kitchen towel, close it well and cook it in a broth of for example vegetables, ginger, onions…everything of what you think it could make a good taste!
Cook it long, like one hour and let it cool down also in the broth.
Now you only have to cut it and prepare it how you like!
I made directly two versions of little Seitan steaks and I like!!!





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