H&M poverty pay


Another scandal from H&M!! Incredible how much money they must make in one year and making  the poorest people on this world suffer with seeing only their own profit. Yes that’s how they made it that far! I would really like to know what kind of people sit there in the headquarters of this mega company. How can they manage to overlook these facts, ignore them and even defend them? I really wish that those people who are in power and make the decisions will come to some new consciousness and I wish for people not to be silent, speak out and stand up for the truth! And this is needed by a hell of alot Companies.

What is it that we can do? As we always think our small personal actions are too little to make an impact in this fucked up world → get yourself to thinking different! Everything you do, every decision you make, every time you decide for doing the right thing IT ALWAYS – ALWAYS – HAS AN EFFECT! And don’t underestimate that. In fact you should give it your whole lot of positivity that you got.

If you be lazy and think that you should just carry on just like everyone else is doing, just because  its normal that no-one gives a damn and just consumes blindly, without informing themselves, babe you’re not going to inspire anyone like that.  Not even yourself.

So what I mean is think about what you do in your daily life. You don’t need to be the greatest activist to do some good. Simply inquire and inform yourself about  the company’s and labels that you spend your money on.

For example I cut down my expenses on clothes which come from H&M, Primark or similar brands and rather take that money and spend it on vegan, organic groceries or superfoods. With that I support sustainable and green company’s who are handling their business in the right way. Yes I do still like to buy clothes, but right now I’m at the point where I just couldn’t spend 20 € on a t-shirt anymore.

With turning Vegan in spring 2011 not only my eating habits have changed. But also I got more sensitive about the rest of my consumption habits. I always thought I couldn’t live without shopping at stores like H&M.  And I don’t want to know how much money I spent on clothes and accessories inside there.

What happened was: A friend told me about some scandals of them sometime last year and since then I kind of avoided the shop. The few times I went inside I always managed to get out without buying even a single hairpin. Always having this little voice in the back of my head, repeating the words of my friend, every time I held up a nice t-shirt or something else of this evil beautifulness. Yes I knew that almost every big clothing chain deals with similar problems. So I kinda unintentionally made a drastic cut in my shopping behaviour.

As I always loved vintage and second-hand stuff these were the only sources of my clothing for the past year. I have been buying only in secondhand stores and fleamarkets. With some little exceptions of course (leggings, underwear, socks etc.)

No need to be so radical, I know that if I haven’t had been so short in money I would have bought my clothes also in stores that are ensuring standards about child labour or other social standards like for example American Apparel. And also there are a lot of natural clothing lines that use organic and fairtrade cotton (Most famous one is probably Stella Mc Cartney ).

All it takes from you is a thought. The rest will follow 🙂

“Creating your reality begins with creating your day, and creating your day means waking up to the reality that you are a powerful being whose choices affect the outcome of everything that happens.”

Online platforms like http://www.Kleiderkreisel.de create a space to swap, give away or sell/purchase second-hand clothes

And as a tip: creating clothes swapping evenings with your girls is one fun way to get new great clothes without even spending anything!!



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