being vegan in casas particulares

In Cuba there is, as far as I saw, not a thing like an hostel. So for my students budget but also for my idea of travelling, there is the option to go in one of the numerous Casas Particulares. You go to live there with a real cuban family, which is a really nice experience and of course you get your own room and mostly a privat bathroom.

In some of this Casas particulares you can’t say often enough what you don’t eat and what means vegan, because most know only about a vegetarian diet. But say all till the littlest detail, because maybe you don’t will get a srambled egg for breakfast but a cake made with egg instead. If you manage to make out all the points of your nutrition, you will get nearly everywhere a mouthwatering breakfast with loads of fresh tropic fruits, smoothies, fresh made juices and self made mango/papaya….-marmalade and bread!! And also to have a dinner “at home” is a nice thing! I fall completely in love with all this different kinds of potato … Especially Yucca and Melanga (which for me at first sight looked like kind of meat but is absolutely delicious! see pic two, right corner) You also get loads of salad and ask for platanos fritos (fried green banana), which I had more or less every day!

If you don’t speak spanish make sure that you know at least all the words for the things you don’t wanna eat! In my case: carne, pesce, huevos, leche, queso and miel (meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese and honey)








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