staying fit in Cuba

After a lot of tasty but also big and heavy cuban dinner times it’s time to start some sports also! But where to go and what to do?

Firts: A little Yoga session you can make nearly everywhere, no matter how small or big your room is! You just have to do it, best directly in the mornung, without thinking too much!

Second: dance!! There are everywhere a lot of classes to participate for Salsa, Rumba and and and! The nicest one I had in Trinidad at a casa particular with the well knowen teacher Mireya Medina Rodriguez. You find her in Antonio Maceo 472, Trinidad. One class (60 minutes) costs just 5 Euro! But don’t forget to train later by yourself in one of all the vibrating places there to dance!!

Third: if you are somewhere at the sea, don’t be shy, make sport directly at the beach! Jogging at the beach when the sun goes up is just amazing! But also Yoga and other exercises are nice to make with a fresh wind from the sea!

Forth: If you have good shoes for jogging also the Malecon in Havana is a nice route! And also a long one. You can make all the way directly next to the open wide sea!

Fifth: walk walk walk! you don’t only save money for taxis or coco-taxies, but do also something for your shape. And over this you even will explore more of your environment!




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