El Bambu Havana

This is one of the two real vegetarian restaurants, I could find in Cuba. It’s not really in the center of Havanna, actually more in the near of the airport and the taxi from the centre of Havana to there costs around 20 Euro. But it’s absolutely worth it! It’s inside a big botanic garden where you can relax and breath fresh air, for a change of the smoggy city life in Havana! Entry of the botanic garden is like 3 Euro and the bufett around 10 but with drinking included and you can eat as much as you want!

I was there on my last day as a stop on the way to the airport. If you do like this be sure you have enough time becuase when you arrive at the botanic garden you have to take a bus, which brings you there, but which also stops to show you plants πŸ™‚ For it was my last day I was happy to find fried green bananas! A nice variety of special salads and even eatable blossoms made it a light and healthy lunch! There are also many vegetable dishes, rise with beans and tofu! Actually the first and only time i found tofu in Cuba. There were only one dish, pasta with cheese, which was not vegan, and they even for would have cooked me pasta with tomato sauce just for me insead of it. But it was already perfect like this for me!!

You are sorrounded of bambu trees and I think if you are not under time pressure, like I was, it’s nice to stay after lunch the rest of the day in the botanic garden!

The restaurant is open only for lunch from 12 till 17 pm an it’s drectly in JardΓ­n Botanico Nacional, Havana Zona di Parque Lenin






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