Barrio Chino Havana

Barrio Chino, Havanas China Town, offers the cubanic version of chinese food. I thought of many vegan options to eat there, but as it seemed i landed up in the worst of all chinese restaurants there… at least I think so! After telling thousand times that I eat no meat, I got as a starter springrolls with… meat inside!! The waitress was not really sorry for that but at least assured me that the rest what was to come really is vegan. Actually it was, but also it was… let’s say…ok but definatly not one of my tastiest dishes I had! But when the spring rolls were later even listed in the bill, fun was over πŸ˜‰ At the end we didn’t pay for it of course, but my big advice: ask hundred times if really all is vegan/vegetarian even if you look like the most nerving tourist ever! Because one thing is sure, biting in something filled with meat for a vegan is really not funny!! I don’t know how the other restaurants of Havanas China Town are, but after I left the one I had dinner in, I realised that all looked much more nicer! It’s a try worth and it’s also cheap, but be careful what you order πŸ˜‰



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