El Romero Las Terrazas

And last but not least my favorite vegetarian restaurant in Cuba…so far! And the only place where I could find Seitan, even if it, as I know now, so easy and cheap to make!
There’s a lot to tell about this Eco-Restaurant!! First of all, if you are lucky like we were, you find a place at one of the 2 tables on the balkony and have a beautiful view! Then, what I appreciated really much, you can choose everything from starter over main dish till dessert in small, medium or large! Like this I could order nearly the whole menu πŸ˜‰ also the drinks can be ordered like this. But there are no normal or unhealthy drinks! Fruit juices with healthy fruits I never heard of! Another big plus point is that they use neither milk nor eggs and only 2 or 3 dishes of the menu are wit cheese, and this partly optional!
You get one starter as a present from the kitchen (Cebiche of Lotus), together with the advice to “take one another by the hands, and, with closed eyes, make an invocation to give thanks to nature for food, love, health, harmony, solidarity and peace,” before you start to eat. I can’t imagine a better start for a lunch!!
All I ordered was absolutely delicious and I spend around 15 Euro for a lot if different tasty dishes!
It’s located in the nature reserve community Las Terrazas, a wonderful place in Cuba, which I would suggest not to miss! Entry to the whole complex is between 1,50 and 3 Euro, depends if you wanna swim there in a river or not.
Anyway, this restaurant is a must seen!!!









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