Raw Lasagne

This was more an experiment and eating veggi leftovers, than a planed dish, but nevertheless with a tasty nice result!
My ingredients were:
• eggplant
• zucchini
• carrot
• tomatoes
• 1 avocado
• champignons
• broccoli
• lemon
• walnuts
• parsley
• olive oil extra virgin

I mixed the tomatoes, 1/4 avocado, lemon juice, a table spoon olive oil and a handful of walnuts with a hand mixer until the wished consistence
(Also onions or garlic could be a good ingredients for give the sauce taste, but I had a few dates later where I planned to speak much, so… 😉
As a first layer I made 2 of eggplant on my plate and have a little bit olive oil over it, then a few chopped mushrooms and very thin sliced zucchini and carrots (with a potato peeler for example), little pieces of broccoli, avocado slices and a first shift of the tomatoe sauce. Again one layer of thin sliced eggplant, also a little soaked in olive oil and again the same veggi layers like before.
Now a big portion of the tomato sauce, walnuts and the parsley on top… Ready!





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