Green core gnocchi

It’s not really a real traditional italian dish but it’s just fun to make gnocchi by yourself anyway! If you are not so much a perfectionist about their form πŸ˜‰ as you will see on my pictures I didn’t succeeded so well in making them look really like gnocchi but the taste was anyway delicious!!
If you don’t like soy products like tofu etc, green core is a nice substitute also for dishes like pasta Bolognese!

For the gnocchi you just need:
β€’ Flour
β€’ potatoes

For the sauce:
β€’ tomatoes or tomato sauce
β€’ green core
β€’ onion
β€’ herbs, salt & oil

First of all soak the green core in water for around 30 minutes.
Cook the peeled potatoes, smash them and mix it with flour till you have a mass if which you can make the gnocchi!
Form little pieces and give then in boiling water till they swim all on top!
For the sauce, fry first the green core and the chopped onion, add the tomato sauce or self mixed fresh tomatoes.
Add salt and herbs or other spices after your taste!! Ready!!!






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