Vegan Kebap at Fusion Festival

Hello from Berlin,
this is the yummie vegan kebap from the Kantine NEUN food stall at the Fusion Festival where I danced my feet off  last week. The Festival takes place every year in the last week of june, 2h north from Berlin. All the festival is strictly vegetarian and there are many vegan options offered.  What is also pretty cool is that there is no advertisement for any brands in the whole festival space and they don’t even advertise for themselves. It’s a very alternative, colorful artist world which they created with great detailed artworks on the many many openair dancefloors and allover the area . Feels like an allover LOVE & PEACE on this old abandoned russian airport 🙂
check out their website:
Tickets are purchased through Lotterie, that means you have to win to be able to go there 🙂 I wish you luck for next year!

And here the the link for the veganfriendly Kantine NEUN Restaurant with many organic vegan deliciousies, based in Kreuzberg, Berlin :
I will try it out soon and of course review it for you asap.




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