Rag Bar Frankfurt

After half a year drooling all over the photos of raw cakes, raw burritos and whatnots on the facebook page of Rag Bar we finally got the chance to get our tummies filled with this rawsome goodness. After a yoga and meditation workshop weekend in Frankfurt this was just the perfect treat. The amount of superfood smoothies was amazing and what I also really liked was that they grow their own wheatgrass on the counter. I chose the blueberry hill smoothie with hemp seeds and hemp milk. The nut milks are all homemade and superfresh and overall everything there looked very fresh and appetizing. The raw quiche which was a pleasure to eat had a sunflower seed crust and delicious cashew cream cheese topped with avocado, tomatoes and sprouts, and was also prepared freshly for us by the friendly staff.  We felt energized to no end after this meal and treated us with some raw white chocolate fudge and some cashew macadamia pecan chocolate bites which were also truly amazing. They had a big variety of raw cakes which I would have loved to try and also vegan cupcakes. This will have to wait for the next visit. As I am such a big fan of raw food I simply love Rag Bar  and wish there would be a place in Berlin like this. My tip if you visit Frankfurt and Rag Bar: get your food and drink “to go” and take the escalator to the top floor of the shopping center to have a lovely view over the town while you’re picnicking. check out their facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rag-Bar/228126903991643 Zeil 112-114, Zeilgalerie UG 60313 Frankfurt am Main ImageImageImageImage ImageImage Image


About Sarita Chia

Hello and Namaskaram from South India my current home. My name is Sarita and I am originally from Germany. After spending my last 7 years in the big cities Berlin and London I decided to settle for a life in a more peaceful, green and soothing atmosphere. Here I share my passion for raw and vegan food. It's been quite a journey for me after turning vegan in May 2011 and I got to explore so incredibly much in these past years and got quite experienced in food prep, cooking vegan meals and moreover learning to listening to my body and which foods suit me the best. I just adore sweet fruit and love to indulge in raw desserts, cakes, ice creams, cookies, smoothie bowls, you name it. Just can't get over it what magic can be done with simple ingredients being likewise a treat for your taste buds and for your system. Yoga and meditation has become another big part of my life over the years. I feel the benefits from just that little fragment of time which I invest daily. I feel that that’s for me the most significant experience of my life which I want to deepen even more. Apart from that I'm a big nature fan and love love love trees :) and yes I also hug them if I feel like it. I'm a great hippie just like my parents, all up for love and peace. I believe that everyone creates their own world and is responsible for everything happening in their lives, even the bad stuff. I try to keep a happy and positive outlook on things as I find that perception creates reality. I am also a great dreamer: I believe that everyone on this planet will turn vegan someday and that it's possible for humankind to evolve into conscious and loving beings which manage to live without wars, money, hatred and crime. The revolution has already started as everyone starts from their own personal (r)evolution towards truth, compassion, empathy, love, peace and all the good stuff. We are constantly learning how to be better humans that’s what I believe. And dayum I ride my rainbow colored unicorn in my sunshine filled fairy world just because I can. I believe in magic. True every day magic. Good happy magic moments. It happens every day you just have to open your eyes ;) Travelling is my heart and I count it as a great part of education. The most important one actually! I think that by travelling you get to learn the real shit! The real life lessons! Be free and wild. Be a child of wind and sun. With this blog I hope to inspire others to make healthier & happier choices and I hope to show how easy it is to switch and keep up a healthy plantbased diet all around the world.

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