Raw flat bread without dehydrator


Hello you guys,
finally I found out how to make my own raw bread at home with the use of my oven. I’m so thankful for it because now I am having a healthy and delicious alternative for my bread cravings. It’s much cheaper than any raw bread or raw crackers that you can buy in a store and you can eat it fresh and warm out of the oven πŸ™‚ As I’ve been reading a lot about gluten lately I am noticing how much better I feel when I don’t eat products with gluten inside.

I tried out a few varieties until now and found out that I really love the taste of sesame seeds so I put a lot of them. They are rich in calcium and iron and are beneficial for strong bones. Also I add some shredded and dried coconut for the texture. I feel it makes the bread much more chewy and tangy. Also sprouted buckwheat has a nice nutty flavour and is amazingly healthy. You can experiment with your seeds and nuts as you like and create your own bread recipe. I usually always Β add sprouted sunflower seeds and soaked flax seeds because they hold the dough together the best.

well go go go try it out πŸ™‚

  • 1/2 cup soaked & ground flax seeds (minimum 10 min.)
  • 3/4 cup soaked sunflower seeds (minimum 8h) or 1 c soaked buckwheat (minimum 8h)
  • 1/2 cup dry sunflower seeds
  • 3/4 cup sesame seeds
  • 1/2 cup coconut flakes
  • dash of himalaya salt

You can also add some mashed banana if you like. simply throw everything into your food processor and blend for 2-3 min. You’ll have to stop occasionally to scrape down the sides and blend again. The dough should be sticking together now but easy to spread on the parchment paper. Spread it out evenly not thicker than 7mm. Heat your oven on the lowest possible. That should generally be accurate to not cross 40Β°. Β If you have an oven thermometer that would be perfect. I didn’t have one but I came across the tip that If you can stick your hand inside the oven and it doesn’t feel uncomfortable too hot then it won’t do any damage to the food either. SO the big trick is that you leave the oven door slightly open to prevent the oven from getting too hot. I used my metal grater for that purpose as you can see on the picture. So if you got your bread in with the door open, check with your hand after the first 10 min. and if you feel it’s too hot you’ll just have to adjust the oven door slightly.
Baking time is 1 h but usually I take it out after 50 min because I’m mostly impatient and I don’t mind the dough being a little damp.
Btw it tastes delicious with avocado, fresh spinach, and tomatoes. You can also make a pizza out of it and top it with mushrooms peppers and sweetcorn. And I also already used the bread as a cookie cake crust where I spread maple syrup all over it.

Well I hope you enjoy this little recipe as much as I do and it improves your eating habits to the better πŸ™‚



About Sarita Chia

Hello and Namaskaram from South India my current home. My name is Sarita and I am originally from Germany. After spending my last 7 years in the big cities Berlin and London I decided to settle for a life in a more peaceful, green and soothing atmosphere. Here I share my passion for raw and vegan food. It's been quite a journey for me after turning vegan in May 2011 and I got to explore so incredibly much in these past years and got quite experienced in food prep, cooking vegan meals and moreover learning to listening to my body and which foods suit me the best. I just adore sweet fruit and love to indulge in raw desserts, cakes, ice creams, cookies, smoothie bowls, you name it. Just can't get over it what magic can be done with simple ingredients being likewise a treat for your taste buds and for your system. Yoga and meditation has become another big part of my life over the years. I feel the benefits from just that little fragment of time which I invest daily. I feel that that’s for me the most significant experience of my life which I want to deepen even more. Apart from that I'm a big nature fan and love love love trees :) and yes I also hug them if I feel like it. I'm a great hippie just like my parents, all up for love and peace. I believe that everyone creates their own world and is responsible for everything happening in their lives, even the bad stuff. I try to keep a happy and positive outlook on things as I find that perception creates reality. I am also a great dreamer: I believe that everyone on this planet will turn vegan someday and that it's possible for humankind to evolve into conscious and loving beings which manage to live without wars, money, hatred and crime. The revolution has already started as everyone starts from their own personal (r)evolution towards truth, compassion, empathy, love, peace and all the good stuff. We are constantly learning how to be better humans that’s what I believe. And dayum I ride my rainbow colored unicorn in my sunshine filled fairy world just because I can. I believe in magic. True every day magic. Good happy magic moments. It happens every day you just have to open your eyes ;) Travelling is my heart and I count it as a great part of education. The most important one actually! I think that by travelling you get to learn the real shit! The real life lessons! Be free and wild. Be a child of wind and sun. With this blog I hope to inspire others to make healthier & happier choices and I hope to show how easy it is to switch and keep up a healthy plantbased diet all around the world.

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