Beyond Sushi New York

Found this first on the Vegan Pop-up marked and really really hope we’ll make it also to the restaurant the next days! There’s also another vegan sushi restaurant belonging to Beyond Sushi in east Manhattan!
This sushi made with brown rice and fresh vegetables tastes absolutely amazing and is served with different sauces, a soy sauce which is low in salt and of course wasabi and ginger!
So good! Will definitely try at home to make also sushi like this!!!
229 E 14th St
And Green Roll
95 9th Ave at Chelsea market, NY







2 thoughts on “Beyond Sushi New York

  1. Thank you for visiting us at the Vegan Shop-Up! Actually, we don’t use brown rice for the sushi. We have two kinds of rice: Black rice and six-grain rice! Six-grain rice is our own rice blend with black rice, short grain brown rice, red rice, rye berries, hulless barley, and pearl barley. Hope you had a grand time in our city!


    -Beyond Sushi Team

    1. Oh thank you for this !! πŸ™‚ I really had a great time! Now I am in Rhinebeck and have still 3 more days in the end of may to be in New York!! I think we#ll spend these days mostly eating all that great vegan food πŸ˜‰

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