Vegan/vegetarian brunch at Cafe Morgenrot

In Café Morgenrot I had many years ago my first vegan brunch in Berlin!
Actually it’s not fully vegan but most of the items are vegan besides a little bit cheese, butter and yoghurt.
Just watch out for the green signs!!
There are a lot of homemade creams like hummus or a delicious vegan cheese cream, scrambled todo, salads, vegetables, bulgur salad, bread, marmalade, homemade chocolate cream, pudding and cereals!
We had the change to sit nicely outside in the sun at beautiful Kastanien Allee in Prenzlauer Berg and were brunching till 3pm 😉
The price is between 6 and 10 Euro, depending how much you have at the moment!! With 8,- per person they get the costs of the buffet, people who earn a lot of money are invited to pay a bit more for support the people who don’t, for which it’s total ok to pay less!
Very nice idea!!
And did I mentioned that the scrambled tofu is absolutely amazing?! 😉
Find it in Kastanienallee 85







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