Anantha Raja – South-Indian Brunch

Even after traveling a while through India I found some Indian food in Berlin which was still new to me!!
In a South Indian restaurant in Kreuzberg I had the change at a fully vegan brunch to try idlis, which are little cakes made of rice flour, or a super delicious dessert with cardamon I never had before!
The brunch is every Saturday and Sunday till 4:30pm and you can sit inside or outside. With 6,50 Euro it’s a super cheap occasion to be fully satisfied after brunching there!!
And I’m sure you’ll have fun with the owners, as they are super nice and funny!!
It’s not a vegetarian restaurant but you’ll find a lot of vegan dishes and as said, the brunch is completely vegan!
Find it in Zossener Straße 16 next to underground station Gneisenaustraße.






3 thoughts on “Anantha Raja – South-Indian Brunch

  1. Anantha Raja-The worst place I have ever been to in Berlin (or maybe in the whole world), and then I have been coming to Berlin for 12 years, eaten in quite a few places!!! The porcelain was dirty, the guy working there made inappropriate jokes wondering if my dinner-company was a man or a woman, then he also forgot our starter (or did not want to make it because of laziness, we felt unsure since he questioned us ordering it from the beginning). The main tasted like eating mango-syrup with rice. Simply disgusting place, food and service. DON’T GO THERE!!

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