Tofu – London

One of the best and cheapest ways in London to eat much and pay little is to go to an All you can eat buffet !!
For me as a dancer, Yogi and workout addict it’s super important to get these calories back, I’m sweating out day by day πŸ˜‰
In London you’ll find many of this places. One I can recommend is the all vegan Tai Chinese fresh veg style restaurant Tofu !!
Lunch buffet is from 12 till 5pm and costs only Β£5.90 !! You can also take a box for take away which is even cheaper!
They have veg chow mein, veg curry rice, crispy soya duck, sweet & sour veg chicken, spiced aubergines, Spring rolls, dim sum and so much that it’s getting hard to try everything! I did it by the way πŸ˜‰
In my meat eating times which feels like ages away, I was a big fan of Chinese food, so I’m happy to find places where I still can enjoy it, but in a healthier way for animals, nature and of course myself!

Find this place in Shepherds Bush,
86 Uxbridge Road, London










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