Max Pett München

Finally I had the opportunity to eat typical Bavarian food in vegan version 🙂 

The whole vegan restaurant Max Pett is situated in the center of Munich near Karlsplatz.

You can eat there the famous Bavarian Weißwurst, Brezeln, Sauerkraut and fried potatoes and a lot of topical Bavarian dishes! Highly recommended definitely the Kaiserschmarn and if you want it raw there is always a changing rawfood cake! Super nice people and absolutely comfortable inside and outside area to sit!!

It’s open Monday till Sunday from 10am till 11pm.

Pettenkoferstraße 8





One thought on “Max Pett München

  1. “typical Bavarian food in vegan version 🙂 ” I have been looking for exactly this kind of post!! Danke fur die “post”!
    Thank you for doing this you are helping #anipals by going vegan and doing this research! Please read and leave a comment. Your feedback is important!!
    (How do you plan on protect a great low cal recipe you may some day come up with for people with need to go vegan and have great food? #patent)

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