Falafel Dream 2010

After searching and searching vegan places in Wedding I actually found one began place just around my corner!! And of course as there is plenty of this in Wedding, it’s all about falafel and kebab but fully vegan!!

I had so far the falafel which is my favorite, the vallumi (vegan Halloumi), the Vöner (vegan döner kebab) and the vegetable Dürüm! They also have cous cous salad, sweat potato fries, beans and other side dishes. For your Dürüm you can choose different sauces and every week there’s a different sauce of the week like papaya, artishok or broccoli sauce. My favorites are sesame and peanut sauce! And last but not least make sure to take vegan baklava as desert! I always go for the baklava box 😜

The food truck is at the Sbahn station and has an outdoor seating area in front of the truck.

Find it:

Müllerstr. 14a , 13353 Berlin





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