Möhren Milieu Mainz

Found an absolutelty fantastic vegan place in Mainz!!

Had such an delicious lunch that I really have to go there soon again! But it’s not only super yummy but also healthy as everything from food to drinks they use is  fresh and organic ! There are a lot of gluten free and raw options and many many different cakes 😍

I tested homemade ginger ale and raspberry lemonade, a raw and gluten free broccoli walnut salad, raw zucchini pizza, the Buddha bowl and carrot cake 😋

Not only the food is healthy and made of sustainable ingredients! Behind the indoor sitting area is a little shop with vegan and sustainable products! So if you have to do your shopping you can do it after or even while waiting for your meal!

This places serves delicious healthy vegan food and cares about the planet!! Two good reasons to come back as soon as possible!! 🙂

Find it:

Adam-Karrillon Straße 5, 55118 Mainz



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