Simply V vegan cheese 

As we love vegan cheese we are more than happy to see more and more vegan cheese alternatives !!

One very good one is the cheese of SimplyV ! This company is fully vegan and produces all its cheese on base of almonds, without soy, artificial flavor enhancers or palm oil!

The mix of almonds, water, coconut oil and salt makes a perfect creamy texture! By now we tried the plain cream cheese, cream cheese paprika, sliced cheese with pepper and chocolate cream! We tried a lot of recipes with these different cheeses! All recipes are from SimplyV and here is the outcome! Let’s start with breakfast!!


Cheese breakfast

We are getting started with maybe one of the most classical versions of German breakfast… Buns with cheese and chocolate cream!! My favorite of this one: sliced cheese with cucumber and of course with the creamy but still light chocolate cream 😋

Green energie smoothie

As I’m the biggest fan of smoothies, green smoothies and superfood shakes, we had to try the SimplyV green energie smoothy recipe with spinach, banana, kiwi, lemon, ginger and cream cheese! To make it a little more spicy I used the paprika cream cheese 💪🏼


And last but not least another very famous breakfast type in Germany! Porridge 😍 here warm and with oat and millet flakes, SimplyV cream cheese, fresh fruits and nuts.


Mushroom risotto

This risotto was made with mushrooms and cream cheese. So delicious!! Take a look at the SimplyV recipe!!


This one was sooooo delicious and easy made! Just roll out  Pizza dough, spread a mixture of cream cheese, mustard and mango chutney on it and put fried onions and smoked tofu on top. 20 minutes in the oven, a few fresh chopped spring onions and ready !!


Club sandwich

Fast made, and for its tastyness, fast eaten as well! We spread cream cheese on toast and put avocado, pineapple and smoked tofu on it!

Paprika soup

Delicious and creamy!!

We bet after reading all these yummy recipes you could have something nice with vegan cheese?! Why not going in the supermarket and get you one to try?? Till now you can get SimplyV at Veganz, Teegut, Netto, Kaufland, Rewe, Edeka, Feneberg, Globus and Wasgau. But if you haven’t got any of these supermarkets nearby, you can order it as well.

Here is the homepage:


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