Out of time – Ibiza

No Ibiza without at least one visit at vegan and vegetarian restaurant ‘Out of time People’ πŸ’™ !! As I came this summer two times to this beautiful island, i had the chance to try a lot of this years menu!

There are a lot of delicious and healthy vegan daily menus, smoothies, homemade cakes, raw food and natural drinks! Most of the ingredients they use are organic! You can come for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or just for a drink and enjoy your sorrounding as it is located in Ibiza city in front of the wall of the old castle and has a beautiful outdoor area!

So far my favorites are the quinoa burger, zucchini noodles, vegan cheese, raw food desserts, smoothies, curry and my all time favorite.. vegan aioli 😻😻😻

Every time I visit this place there is something completely new, even to me as a healthy lifestyle lover πŸ’š like the alkaline water which is supposed Robbe super healthy πŸ’ͺ if you need some superfoods to boost your health you can shop there everything from Maca till Matcha!

I’m already looking forward to the next time enjoining healthy and super delicious food!!

Find it:

Calle Jaume 2 | Plaza del Parque | Ibiza ciudad | Ibiza


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