Forsthof Kneese

A few weeks ago I had the chance to stay in a veggie hotel for the first time ever!! It was the perfect moment for me to leave the city and stay at a beautiful place sorrounded by nature and far from big citiy noise and a hectic lifestyle! It reminded me that sometimes, even, or especially, when you think you don’t have time for anything, you just have to let go and take a little time just for yourself!

And I couldn’t imagine a better place than this! This veggie hotel, Forsthof Kneese, in Mecklenburg Vorpommern near Schwerin and Lübeck, is auch a beautiful and peaceful place to explore nature, go hiking or just stroll around the Schaalsee, a  beautiful big lake directly behind the hotel. In summer you can walk or take a bike to go to a bathing place, only 3 kilometers away.
As summer comes to its end and autumn starts it’s the perfect time to take long walks and connect with nature. So I was more than happy to get the chance for spending a relaxing time there!

The whole house with its rooms is just beautiful and we felt home from the start as its interior is decorated in every detail that you get the feeling of actually living there! We had the whole attic with our own kitchen.

There is also a little extra house in the garden, called casita, which can be booked! And the garden is full of apple trees ❤️🍏🍎💚 try their organic apple juice made of their own apples 😍

In the morning there are two big tables packed with tasty breakfast foods! Homemade bread spreads, hummus, raw vegetables, vegan cheese and wurst, porridge, soy yoghurt, musli, chia seeds, fresh fruits, different plant based mills, coffee and a few teas.
Most of all is organic! There where only two non vegan items, cheese and milk, but the variety of vegan food was just great!! 🍉🍍🍧☕️🍓🍵

The place became veggie 6 years ago and the owner is vegan since 4 years and is making a lot of the breakfast by herself like porridge or bread spreads and guacamole.

It’s possible as well to go only to the breakfast brunch 😋

I will return for sure !!!

Find it:

Forsthof Kneese

Hauptstraße 15 , 19205 Kneese Dorf


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