Raw food workshop at Superfran’s Feinkost Manufaktur Berlin

This weekend I had the chance to take part at a super interesting and funny workshop about raw food, clean eating and healthy food at Superfran’s  Feinkost Manufaktur in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin!!

I already had a fabulous raw food dinner there and was super excited to know more about how to create these delicious rawfood dishes! And as I’m always interested in lifting up my nutrition always to a healthier one, learning more about a raw food diet was the perfect occasion!

On our 4 course menu we worked through a starter, salad, a main dish and of course dessert!! Everything was meant to be easily prepared also at home and only with help of a blender! And maybe a zoodle maker 🍝🌱

As starter we had a coconut and beetroot gazpacho, a salad with a creamy nut sauce, as main zucchini pasta with cream sauce and pesto and for dessert chocolate mousse 😋😋😋

All dishes could be prepared in a blender with just putting all ingredients together! Actually it’s so easy to eat healthy! With adding different nuts you can create creamy sauces and you can be so creative with the ingredients you mix!

Fran, the owner of this place helped us through every recipe and gave so many tips which I, even after years being interested in clean eating and raw food kitchen, never heard of before! Her knowledge is incredible! She learnt in a bakery and can tell a lot about getting the perfect consistency for example! You’ll soon recognize that preparing all those healthy and yummy foods in her shop is not only a profession for her! But that’s what it should be with food, you should have fun in preparing and eating it! I’m absolutely inspired to experiment more with raw food in future again and work through all these tips and impressions I got on this workshop, so you’ll maybe soom read more about rawfood on my blog 💚

Find this place at:

Prenzlauer Allee 176, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg


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