World vegan day & Potluck at Veganz Berlin 

So often I’m asked what I eat and if it’s not difficult or really expensive to eat vegan! Well I guess everybody who asked me, I would have sent to this years potluck and world vegan day celebration at Veganz in Berlin, would never ask me again 😅🍭🎂🌱💝

Just take a look at this table!! And this is only the dessert corner!!! And actually not even all of it! There was a creamy tiramisu cake, chocolate pudding, more brownies, cookies and cakes which had no space on this picture anymore 🍰🍪

Veganz Schokolade vegan

But first a few thoughts of me about world vegan day, becoming and being vegan in Berlin !

When I came to Berlin 8 years ago, I didn’t know that much about vegan nutrition! Besides that avocado on bread is a good thing to eat…which I did a lot!! I was vegetarian and got to know the first vegan people, which was very impressive and inspiring for me! The decision to really change to a vegan diet was actually made while I was traveling through India 🇮🇳   But another moment of me thinking to become vegan was when I went with a friend to Cupcake in Berlin Friedrichshain and saw that there where also vegan cupcakes! So I thought 💭 if I still could eat things like these cute little cupcakes 🍭 I really could make it 💪😜 at this point it still was a long way to go but I eventually made it and couldn’t feel any better and be happier about it. For me it means to really know about what I eat, eating healthy and and trying to do less harm on this planet 🌎🌱

cupcake Berlin vegan

I think the most important thing is to feel good with what you do and not being to hard to yourself without loosing sight of your values!

After all these years I’m still happy with this decision and love to celebrate it once in a while to remind me for what I did all this! Big thank to all of the Veganz Headquarters TEAM to make this years world vegan day Potluck happen!!

Veganz Potluck world vegan day

There was just soooooo much delicious food!! A lot of self made salads, pasta 🍝 , vegan cheese 🧀 , little pizza 🍕 pieces and desserts in all variations! Whoever made the stracciatella cream… I must have the recipe!!! 😻

Veganz Potluck world vegan day

As well as homemade dishes, we had the chance to try a few of the Veganz products! I really can’t decide if the white or the strawberry 🍓 chocolate 🍫 is my favorite!! It’s so good that you can buy all of these now in more and more supermarkets like Kaisers or DM marked!! And of course in Berlin’s all vegan supermarket Veganz!! So being vegan in Berlin is becoming easier and easier but I also I heard that their products are going soon to Italy 🇮🇹 and Spain 🇪🇸 as well!! Good news!!!

Schokolade vegan veganzKekse vegan veganz

As you already can imagine seeing those food pictures, I had an incredible evening with nice conversations, inspiring people and delicious food! The best way to celebrate world vegan day ❤️🌱✌🏻️

Veganz Berlin

Find both Veganz supermarkets at:

Warschauer Straße 33, Berlin Friedrichshain

Schivelbeiner Straße 34, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg


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