Call a Pizza delivery service Berlin 

With this blog post we open up a new category in our blog! Vegan and vegan friendly delivery services in Berlin!! And what could be a better start for this than the absolut classic to order on a lazy comfortable movie evening…..

Pizza 😋🍕✌🏻

Vegan pizza Margherita

Luckily there are more and more delivery services with vegan options! Which actually is a must in a city like Berlin!! We already found many delivery services with a lot vegan choices as well as fully vegan ones!! 🌱 There is a lot coming up for vegan couch potatoes, or all of you who had a busy week and just want to stay at home, relax and order food!

Vegan pizza Margherita  Call a Pizza

Imagine its weekend, you were leading a healthy lifestyle all week long, maybe you even trained a lot and now you are at home, you are about to watch a movie, you are lazy and you want to relax… one of the best things to do now…. is ordering a vegan pizza 😜 With ordering pizza the most important thing to ask your deliverer is, if its not written somewhere on their page, if the pizza dough is without eggs! Some actually put eggs in it, which is neither the typical Italian way nor good for anything 🙄😅

Vegan pizza Call a Pizza

Call a Pizza, as a delivery service, has at the moment the most styles of vegan pizzas. And we nearly tasted all of them!! Pizza BBQ style, Pizza Vegan Vegetaria, Pizza Vegan Margherita and Pizza Freestyle if you want to create your own pizza! There is one new vegan pizza on their menu, Pizza Vegan Funghi, which we definitely will try asap 🤗

Vegan pizza Margherita  Call a PizzaVegan pizza Call a PizzaVegan pizza BBQ Vegan pizza BBQ Call a Pizza

Choose between single (26cm), jumbo (32cm) and ‘Big Bäär’ (45cm) ! I always go for jumbo 💃 the vegan cheese is made of yeast and there is a lot to choose if you want to create your own pizza!

Vegan Pizza artichoke Call a Pizza

So if you order one, let us know your favorite Pizza style and your freestyle creations! One of my Pizza Freestyle creations was with artichokes, maize and a lot of garlic 😝

Vegan Pizza vegan girl

Want pizza now? Here’s the link:

Call a Pizza


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