Superfran’s Feinkost Manufaktur 

As a big raw food lover it was absolutely about time to check out Superfran’s Feinkost Manufaktur! So happy that Berlin has always more and more options to have raw food!!

At Superfran’s I had big difficulties to decide what to eat because everything on their menu just sounds so good! I already know that I really have to try everything!! 

We decided to have green smoothie as an appetizer, raw pasta carbonara and raw falafel as a main, and of course raw food cakes for dessert!!

You have a lot of raw food dishes as well as warm dishes, but still cooked only to a certain temperature to still have all vitamins in it! Everything you can get for take away and there are always different raw food cracker and cookies already packed for take away!

I really like the atmosphere and philosophie of this place! Everything is made with love and exactly this you can taste in everything they create!!

And best of all, thery are doing a lot of workshops, where you even can learn how to create this delicious food!! Take a look at the last workshop I took part in there!!

Raw food workshop at Superfran’s Feinkost Manufaktur 

Find it:

Prenzlauer Allee 176, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg


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