About the blog

With this blog we want to to show all the benefits of a vegan nutrition and lifestyle!
In ‘BerlinVeganLove’ we check out all the vegan places in Berlin as well as vegetarian restaurants, other special places and everything about our home base!
In ‘VeganKitchen’ we share vegan recipes beginning from raw food over smoothies to simple and extravagant dishes πŸ™‚
In ‘VeganAroundTheWorld’ we diorite about all vegan and vegan friendly places in all cities and countries we travel!
In’Open your eyes’ we want to show that a vegan nutrition is not only good for our own health but also for the planet and all the living on it. And especially we want to show the necessityΒ of helping Β the animals who have to be tortured and killed in millions only for a taste!
Also we want to discover everything which makes us healthy and keeps us in a good shape πŸ˜‰
So follow us and we’ll find out together πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “About the blog

  1. great job, so far, probably one of the best list of vegan and raw restaurants published on a blog. I will be very happy to invite you for a tasting tour sometimes when you are coming to Kudam.
    to be my guest, send a text to our facebook page.
    see you soon. Jean

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