Forsthof Kneese

A few weeks ago I had the chance to stay in a veggie hotel for the first time ever!! It was the perfect moment for me to leave the city and stay at a beautiful place sorrounded by nature and far from big citiy noise and a hectic lifestyle! It reminded me that sometimes, even, or especially, when you think you don’t have time for anything, you just have to let go and take a little time just for yourself!

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Möhren Milieu Mainz

Found an absolutelty fantastic vegan place in Mainz!!

Had such an delicious lunch that I really have to go there soon again! But it’s not only super yummy but also healthy as everything from food to drinks they use is  fresh and organic ! There are a lot of gluten free and raw options and many many different cakes 😍 Continue reading “Möhren Milieu Mainz”

Savory -Frankfurt

We discovered another great vegan place for you in Frankfurt!!

There’s a lot of good stuff on the menu and so far we could try a burger, their delicious carrot cake, a muffin and a speculoose shake which all was awesome!! We definitely come back for more!!

They have different burgers, hotdogs, CurryVurst, Toast Hawai, sandwiches, salads, muffins, cup cakes, brownies, cakes, ice cream, cold and warm drinks, shakes and breakfast on Saturdays!!

It’s a really nice place to sit in but you can have everything for take away as well!!

Find it in Frankfurt Rödelheim:

Burgfriedenstraße 2

For opening times watch out
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Past and Future Köln 

First time on a vegan mission in Köln and the first vegan restaurant I found was directly super nice!!

Actually I only was looking for some small snack before going to sleep, like a dessert, but as I saw the big Buffett with too many tasty looking things, I just had to try this!! And of course the dessert!! 😜

The Buffett is changing and has a variety of different things to taste like sushi, antipasti, cheese salad, lentils, fried vegetables, chili sin carne, lasagne, soup, German dishes like Knödel, bread and aioli. You can choose between doing one plate for around 10 euro or all you can eat for 16 euro!! As I am a big fan of brunches, already this was heaven for me, but of course the food was super tasty too! Had two non vegan friends with me and if they like it too it’s always a good sign 😉

I had a nice talk with the owner of this place and she told me that they do sometimes theme weeks with typical  food from Africa or Austria for example! And in future there will be soon a Sunday’s brunch! Guess I have to come more often to Cologne 😅

Besides the every evening buffet you can order from the menu. There are a lot of different things to order. Maybe next time I’m going for a Schnitzel! But for dessert defiantly tiramisu again!!! One of the best I had for sure!! 

Find it near Köln main station in

Hamburger Straße 2a


Max Pett München

Finally I had the opportunity to eat typical Bavarian food in vegan version 🙂 

The whole vegan restaurant Max Pett is situated in the center of Munich near Karlsplatz.

You can eat there the famous Bavarian Weißwurst, Brezeln, Sauerkraut and fried potatoes and a lot of topical Bavarian dishes! Highly recommended definitely the Kaiserschmarn and if you want it raw there is always a changing rawfood cake! Super nice people and absolutely comfortable inside and outside area to sit!!

It’s open Monday till Sunday from 10am till 11pm.

Pettenkoferstraße 8




Manik Veggi Café

All vegan cafe in Wiesbaden’s city center, next to the famous Kochbrunnen where you can drink it’s healthy sulphur water!
But let’s stay in Manik Veggi Café first 😉
Besides all the delicious cakes, cupcakes and other sweets they have veggi kebab, oven potatoes and Flammkuchen, a topical thing to eat here in Wiesbaden!!
Really good food in a really nice atmosphere !!
Find it in:
Michelsberg 15
Opening times should be Tuesday till Sunday from 11am till 10pm
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Zucker&Zimt Eisenach

Back in Germany and traveling to my roots, I’m spending a few days in lovely Eisenach in Thüringen 🙂 And of course I go to eat as always here the vegan breakfast in Eisenach’s most vegan friendly place, Zucker&Zimt ! You can order this breakfast which comes with soy yoghurt, tofu stripes, homemade salty spread for bread and home made nougat cream all day!! But you also can enjoy nice salads, soups and warm vegan dishes like oriental couscous, while sitting inside in a cozy atmosphere or outside directly on Eisenach’s historical marketplace. You find it in the city center at Markt 2! 20140524-165227.jpg 20140524-165242.jpg 20140524-165252.jpg

Rag Bar Frankfurt

After half a year drooling all over the photos of raw cakes, raw burritos and whatnots on the facebook page of Rag Bar we finally got the chance to get our tummies filled with this rawsome goodness. After a yoga and meditation workshop weekend in Frankfurt this was just the perfect treat. The amount of superfood smoothies was amazing and what I also really liked was that they grow their own wheatgrass on the counter. I chose the blueberry hill smoothie with hemp seeds and hemp milk. The nut milks are all homemade and superfresh and overall everything there looked very fresh and appetizing. The raw quiche which was a pleasure to eat had a sunflower seed crust and delicious cashew cream cheese topped with avocado, tomatoes and sprouts, and was also prepared freshly for us by the friendly staff.  We felt energized to no end after this meal and treated us with some raw white chocolate fudge and some cashew macadamia pecan chocolate bites which were also truly amazing. They had a big variety of raw cakes which I would have loved to try and also vegan cupcakes. This will have to wait for the next visit. As I am such a big fan of raw food I simply love Rag Bar  and wish there would be a place in Berlin like this. My tip if you visit Frankfurt and Rag Bar: get your food and drink “to go” and take the escalator to the top floor of the shopping center to have a lovely view over the town while you’re picnicking. check out their facebook page: Zeil 112-114, Zeilgalerie UG 60313 Frankfurt am Main ImageImageImageImage ImageImage Image

Potpourri Kassel

The first all vegan spot in my hometown Kassel opened! That’s great and I’m really sure soon more will follow!! Cafe Potpourri is a vegan cafe which serves many different cakes, coffee, hot chocolate and also different dishes for lunch time! There is also a little corner with books all about vegan subjects! There is a big outdoor area where you can sit nicely on warmer days. So if you are around in Kassel and have cake cravings this is the place to be!! 🙂 It’s in Pestalozzistraße 10, near to Bebelplatz






good dEATs Potsdam

Finally I made the way from Berlin to Potsdam and of course directly to the all vegan café ‘good dEATs’ They have amazing cakes, cupcakes, shakes, coffee variations, bagels and and and!! You can sit inside or outside in a nice and cozy backyard. For this place I definitely will leave Berlin a few more times!! 🙂 I especially fall in love with the hot chocolate with big cream topping and marshmallows and with the lemon coconut cream cake !!! actually I had to go there another time the same day to get more of these yummy cakes for home before leaving to Berlin again 😉 It’s located in Kurfürstenstraße 9, directly in the center of Potsdam, near to the Nauener Tor