Dao Palate Brooklyn

Pan-asian vegan cuisine and sister restaurant of wild ginger which is in Brooklyn Bedford Street. You’ll find there a lot of mock meat and rice and noodle dishes. We came for lunch so we could try the lunch menu which comes with a main, a miso soup, Spring roll and brown rice.
I decided for the green tea noodles with peanut sauce which was excellent! ๐Ÿ™‚
And the best, and this time I even made pictures before eating all up without stop, the pumpkin cheesecake!!
The only thing which is not vegan are a few ice cream tastes, so be careful with ordering dessert ๐Ÿ™‚
But the rest is plant based, fresh and delicious!!
Find it in 329 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn








MOB Brooklyn

Had already the chance to eat a few times at MOBs in Paris which made it even greater to have the famous vegan flatbread also called MOB at the place where it originally comes from!
The place is super cool and the food tasty and as I imagine it, really American ๐Ÿ˜‰
As a starter you get crispy kale and then of course we took the MOB, iron man version, potato wedges and a little sundae!
All fully vegan of course!
Super great place!!
Find it in 525 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn







Champs Junior New York

Champs Junior belongs to Champs Family bakery and is located in Brooklyn. It’s smaller but has also a lot if things to offer!
I ate the first time after years mozzarella sticks again and they where so amazing!!
You’ll also find there healthy stuff like raw kale salad and juices or smoothies.
620 Manhatten Ave Brooklyn





Yeah Dawg New York

Already had the chance to eat one of these amazing vegan hot dogs in Berlin one time and now eating it in Brooklyn again!
The location where they are offered change so check out the homepage http://www.yeahdawgvegan.com or Facebook page!
This time we found it at vegan pop up market taking place in Pine Box Rock Shop!
Sadly I couldn’t go inside because I had no ID with me, so don’t forget this if you wanna enter in a place here which is in or belongs to a bar!
Luckily outside were also a few things and the rest was up to Sรผnne to explore ๐Ÿ™‚
Big luck that also Yeah Dawg was outside!!





Lulas Sweet apothecary New York

A really cute and special place in lower Manhattan! Many different and all vegan ice cream variations like sundaes, flurry with soft ice and topping, New York egg cream, shakes and cups and cones!
I decided for the brownie sundae! Hot browny with 2 scoops (peanut butter & Jelly and lavender), marshmallow sauce, candied pecans, whipped coconut cream and cherry!!!
Have to come back for sure!!
Watch out on:
http://www.lulassweetapothecary.com for opening times and address!
You’ll find it in lower Manhattan near China Town


Beyond Sushi New York

Found this first on the Vegan Pop-up marked and really really hope we’ll make it also to the restaurant the next days! There’s also another vegan sushi restaurant belonging to Beyond Sushi in east Manhattan!
This sushi made with brown rice and fresh vegetables tastes absolutely amazing and is served with different sauces, a soy sauce which is low in salt and of course wasabi and ginger!
So good! Will definitely try at home to make also sushi like this!!!
229 E 14th St
And Green Roll
95 9th Ave at Chelsea market, NY






Baby Cakes New York

A really cute shop to eat all kind of delicious sweets!
I had a bunny doughnut hole, an apple Churro and a browny with frosting!
Absolutely delicious!
But they have a lot more yummy bakery stuff!
My second time there in one week I took also a creamy crunchy doughnut!
So if you are in the near of Soho and Chinatown, don’t miss your occasion to get something sweet there!
Directly around the corner is also a vegan shoe shop!
It’s in 248 Broome St, NY






Tiengarden New York

A small vegan Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown Lower Manhattan.
They offer typical Chinese dishes with soy slices, tofu or veggi ham. But you can also create your own dish with different ingredients from the menu! You also can choose between rice, brown rice noodles, udon noodles, buckwheat noodles and for sure sibs things more which I forgot ๐Ÿ˜‰
I choose the lunch menu because I was too hungry to decide what I could put into my own dish!
They have many gluten free choices and you can add to everything also super healthy superfoods!
It’s so far the healthiest Chinese I ate! You can get also fresh squeezed juices, gluten free dessert and cookies
Great place! Check it out if you are in the near! Also all to take away!
Find it in 170 Allen St, New York




Pure food & wine New York

Had an amazing dinner at raw vegan restaurant Pure food & wine, sitting in a beautiful backward and eating that great healthy raw menu at a warm New York City night! Perfect evening!!
We had as starters raw plant based sushi which was incredible fresh and tasty, a super delicious cheese plate, with homemade raw cheese made of nuts with raw bread and salad and as mains raw lasagne, raw tacos and portobello mushroom in barbecue sauce.
But the most overwhelming was the dessert. Almond Ice cream and a chocolate cake filled with salty peanut butter cream on top of another peanut butter chocolate cake! This is true vegan food porn ๐Ÿ˜‰
A really special place at union square in lower Manhattan.
54 Irving Place (17th street) NY
Check also:
Next to the restaurant is also their shop with all things for take away!
Make sure you visit this places when you have the chance.