Forsthof Kneese

A few weeks ago I had the chance to stay in a veggie hotel for the first time ever!! It was the perfect moment for me to leave the city and stay at a beautiful place sorrounded by nature and far from big citiy noise and a hectic lifestyle! It reminded me that sometimes, even, or especially, when you think you don’t have time for anything, you just have to let go and take a little time just for yourself!

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Sixty Degrees

That’s the thing with Berlin: there is such a huge amount of ever expanding vegan discoveries to be explored that it’s difficult to keep up with it all sometimes.

That’s why we are quite happy if people get in touch with us about suggestions, letting us know about new vegan spots or new vegan dishes on the menu.

This is how we found out about Sixty Degrees, who are a vegetarian coffee shop, serving speciality coffee, breakfasts, lunch, sandwiches, smoothies, cakes and a lovely typical Berliner atmosphere with a book exchange corner and changing art exibitions.   Continue reading “Sixty Degrees”

Ms. Cupcake, London

Checked out this vegan hot spot in Brixton last week end. If you’re a Vegan you most probably heard of Ms. Cupcake vegan Bakery and their almost world famous vegan cupcakes. They are even that amazing that the Whole Foods Market chain has taken them into their repertoire.
We tried the Mango and Strawberry Cupcake, the double Chocolate Swirl and the salted Caramel Ice cream pot.
Would have loved to try more but it was already more than enough to leave us tumbling around Brockwell Park on a sugarhigh, lovestoned and satisfied in the sunshine. It was indeed a very naughty day, because after the park we went to Herne Hill and ate chips with ketchup in a pub, tehehe. Lovely!

So if ya wanna please your tastebuds like us go find Ms. Cupcake in Brixton
408 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton London SW9 8LF –
Open on Sunday-Wednesday 10-7 and Thursday-Saturday 10-8.

Or just pick one up at any Whole Foods Markets in London!
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Anantha Raja – South-Indian Brunch

Even after traveling a while through India I found some Indian food in Berlin which was still new to me!!
In a South Indian restaurant in Kreuzberg I had the change at a fully vegan brunch to try idlis, which are little cakes made of rice flour, or a super delicious dessert with cardamon I never had before!
The brunch is every Saturday and Sunday till 4:30pm and you can sit inside or outside. With 6,50 Euro it’s a super cheap occasion to be fully satisfied after brunching there!!
And I’m sure you’ll have fun with the owners, as they are super nice and funny!!
It’s not a vegetarian restaurant but you’ll find a lot of vegan dishes and as said, the brunch is completely vegan!
Find it in Zossener Straße 16 next to underground station Gneisenaustraße.





Vegan brunch at Laauma

Happy that I had the opportunity to be at the first brunch of new vegan cafe Laauma in Friedrichshain!!
Many cute things to eat like little mushrooms made of tomato, some vegetable cream and mushroom 😉
Self made bread spreads and warm dishes and also sweet things like French toast, crepes, self made chocolate cream, cake and fresh fruits with rise whip :))))
Super healthy stuff like quinoa salad and raw vegetables!
For coming brunches there will be even more raw food and you can take your brunch with a picnic basket and go in one of the two parks next to Laauma!
The brunch is taking part every second Saturday of the month!
To be sure to don’t miss one just check their homepage:









Vegan/vegetarian brunch at Cafe Morgenrot

In Café Morgenrot I had many years ago my first vegan brunch in Berlin!
Actually it’s not fully vegan but most of the items are vegan besides a little bit cheese, butter and yoghurt.
Just watch out for the green signs!!
There are a lot of homemade creams like hummus or a delicious vegan cheese cream, scrambled todo, salads, vegetables, bulgur salad, bread, marmalade, homemade chocolate cream, pudding and cereals!
We had the change to sit nicely outside in the sun at beautiful Kastanien Allee in Prenzlauer Berg and were brunching till 3pm 😉
The price is between 6 and 10 Euro, depending how much you have at the moment!! With 8,- per person they get the costs of the buffet, people who earn a lot of money are invited to pay a bit more for support the people who don’t, for which it’s total ok to pay less!
Very nice idea!!
And did I mentioned that the scrambled tofu is absolutely amazing?! 😉
Find it in Kastanienallee 85






Vegan french brunch at Ohlala

Under my most favorite vegan places for have a brunch is for sure also vegan tartes shop Ohlala in Friedrichshain!
There is a lot of sweet vegan French stuff like crêpes, cupcakes or little pralines but also a lot of salty dishes, self made creams for bread, salads, warm dishes and even little smoothies….
For me a brunch like this is, besides doing yoga or dance, the perfect way to start the weekend 😉
It’s every Saturday and once in a month the whole brunch is even gluten free. So double good 🙂
It’s in Mainzeratraße 13, next tu underground station Samariter Straße.
For more details see also:






Tutti Island in Kreuzberg


Today I introduce you to nothing more than just the best friggin falafel place in whole of Berlin. This place is just so amazingly fresh and tasty with such a great variety of homemade sudanese specialities. We ordered a Falafel plate and Falafel Pita bread both were just ridiculous explosions of goodness available at a very fair price. The crispy Falafel in Pita bread was filled with heaps, no really with H E A P S  of mouthwatering peanut- and sesamesauße which makes this little Falafel place my new favourite “hey lets go out and eat something incredibly yummie!” place. And don’t you miss out on the Falafel plate which has aaaall this crazy good stuff like creamy aubergine paste, hummus, grilled Tofu, grilled veggies and big beans next to fresh salad and pita bread. When we finished our meal we felt like ordering it all once again just because it was so good 🙂
This is a very vegan friendly eating place: all the food except the halloumi is vegan. Even the sweet datecookies which you can get for 0.50 c (!) as dessert are fully vegan. Also the owner is a really friendly dude and gives away free tea and cookies to his regular customers.
I can’t wait to go again, who’s in?

Zossener Str 17, Kreuzberg (Near U7-Gneisenaustr)
10961 Berlin
Tel: 030-52661490




Sundays brunch at Sfizy

If you like pizza pasta and anti pasti, the brunch of all vegan spaghetteria and pizzeria Sfizy Veg is absolutely the right place to eat, because there you have it all together in one brunch!! But there are also creamy dips for bread, salads, Seitan and of course sweets and a delicious home made chocolate cream!!
It’s not every Sunday but one or two times in a month, so get your places for a table for the next time!!
The brunch is only 10 euro and if you eat like me, you’ll not need anything else for the rest of the day! Maybe a small green smoothy in the evening 😉
For opening times watch :











Brunch at Café Vux

Two weeks ago we went to Café Vux’s Sunday brunch!
It’s from 12 till 15 o’clock and I would suggest to go early to be sure of getting a table!
There are a lot of fresh salads with lentils or potatoes, Seitan, hummus and other homemade dips for bread, vegetables, focaccia, fruits and of course sweets like brownies or milk rise!
Have also one of the energizing smoothies or one of my favourites, a hot chocolate with lavender !!
For opening times and other prices see