Cupcake Berlin

It took a while and was long planned but finally I made it to post about a very special place for me here in Berlin !!Β Cupcake Berlin πŸ’˜

When I came to Berlin this place was the first one, I ate consciously something which was 100 percent vegan! Of course I ate a lot of vegan things before without thinking about it, but never something delicious like one of these cupcakes, which were at this time not so easy to find vegan! At this time I still was vegetarian but with eating this cupcake and seeing that I still could eat everything, one of the first steps to a vegan diet was made!! Continue reading “Cupcake Berlin”


Ms. Cupcake, London

Checked out this vegan hot spot in Brixton last week end. If you’re a Vegan you most probably heard of Ms. Cupcake vegan Bakery and their almost world famous vegan cupcakes. They are even that amazing that the Whole Foods Market chain has taken them into their repertoire.
We tried the Mango and Strawberry Cupcake,Β the double Chocolate Swirl and the salted Caramel Ice cream pot.
Would have loved to try more but it was already more than enough to leave us tumbling around Brockwell Park on a sugarhigh, lovestoned and satisfied in the sunshine. It was indeed a very naughty day, because after the park we went to Herne Hill and ate chips with ketchup in a pub, tehehe. Lovely!

So if ya wanna please your tastebuds like us go find Ms. Cupcake in Brixton
408 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton London SW9 8LF –
Open on Sunday-Wednesday 10-7 and Thursday-Saturday 10-8.

Or just pick one up at any Whole Foods Markets in London!
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Manik Veggi CafΓ©

All vegan cafe in Wiesbaden’s city center, next to the famous Kochbrunnen where you can drink it’s healthy sulphur water!
But let’s stay in Manik Veggi CafΓ© first πŸ˜‰
Besides all the delicious cakes, cupcakes and other sweets they have veggi kebab, oven potatoes and Flammkuchen, a topical thing to eat here in Wiesbaden!!
Really good food in a really nice atmosphere !!
Find it in:
Michelsberg 15
Opening times should be Tuesday till Sunday from 11am till 10pm
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Baby Cakes New York

A really cute shop to eat all kind of delicious sweets!
I had a bunny doughnut hole, an apple Churro and a browny with frosting!
Absolutely delicious!
But they have a lot more yummy bakery stuff!
My second time there in one week I took also a creamy crunchy doughnut!
So if you are in the near of Soho and Chinatown, don’t miss your occasion to get something sweet there!
Directly around the corner is also a vegan shoe shop!
It’s in 248 Broome St, NY