Cafe Ever, Hoxton

Last Sunday we discovered a new all vegan cafe in London. Based on Hoxton street and just around the corner from Shoreditch park. Without exaggerating I have to say that the coffee that we got served there was probably one of the best in my life! They used a malatesta Italian roast. The cakes were good, not too sweet. The lemon cake had edible pink glitter sprinkled allover, which I thought to be very exciting 🙂 The other cake was a peanut butter chocolate cake. Definitely a good first impression and I’ll drop by for another coffee fix asap.

Find Cafe Ever@

297 Hoxton street, London, NY 5JX



Wild Food Cafe, London

Let me introduce to the place that I not only love the most right now but even makes London, which is my new temporary home, for me a much more enjoyable place. It truly has become a benediction to me and although it is very different to any place in Berlin its atmosphere reminds me very much of my old home base.

wild food

Hidden from the noisy tourist streams of Covent Garden, Wild Food Cafe lays embraced by colored houses and lots of greenery in 1st Floor of Neal’s Yard. Like an Island of colorful bliss it is giving way to delicious raw and vegan food art.
The food served is freshly prepared by the lovely staff, aaall of them look very happy and loving. You can watch them while they prepare your food because the kitchen is centered in the middle of the tables. It reminds me of my old commune that I used to live in (yes me the ol hippy kid 😉 ) just because of the large tables where everybody sits together and of course the many arty and alternative people.
This combination of atmosphere and my favorite food: raw, tasty, colorful and prepared with love, is what makes this place so outstanding according to me.
Now let’s get to the menu. What I tried first were the smoothies. They only have two kinds: green smoothie and chocolate smoothie, both raw with lots of superfoods. Therefor they cost 6 pounds which is an alright price for the amount of superfoods used. I do hope they get a larger variety though.smoothie
Next is a starter menu or a snack for in between: Raw Coconut cheese with wild olives and raw bread. This was really delicious and is about 5 quid altogether which makes it very affordable.olive

The next time I went we had the big orders: Wild Food Burger and Ayurvedic Rainbow salad. The small Salads on the menu turn out to be amazingly big and all the wild herbs and superfoods used are simply great. I would not make so much effort to make a salad like that at home so once in a while this is an amazing treat. The Burger was great too. Intense flavors and happy tummy

photo 5 (1)

photo 3 (1)

I really love how they decorate everything so nicely like with dried edible wild flowers! For Dessert I want to return as quickly as possible because I want to taste the humongous wild berry raw choc cake. I saw it and it looks mouthwatering!   We only treated ourselves with some very yummy raw chia seed, cacao and goji berries ballschia

What I found to be very special is that they do homemade nut butters in large grinders which peacefully grind next to you while you’re eating 🙂

They also offer raw food cooking classes if you’re interested in that. And there’s also a blackboard where you can find out about workshops, events, healing of all kinds and sorts.
Hope you find an opportunity to visit this amazing place and love it as much as me.
Peace, Love & Happiness
1st Floor 14, Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden,
London WC2H 9DP, UK
+44 20 7419 2014

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Vegan french brunch at Ohlala

Under my most favorite vegan places for have a brunch is for sure also vegan tartes shop Ohlala in Friedrichshain!
There is a lot of sweet vegan French stuff like crêpes, cupcakes or little pralines but also a lot of salty dishes, self made creams for bread, salads, warm dishes and even little smoothies….
For me a brunch like this is, besides doing yoga or dance, the perfect way to start the weekend 😉
It’s every Saturday and once in a month the whole brunch is even gluten free. So double good 🙂
It’s in Mainzeratraße 13, next tu underground station Samariter Straße.
For more details see also:






Vegan brunch at Mio Matto

Finally we made it to the brunch of Italian and vegan restaurant Mio Matto 🙂
We spend there around 4 hours to try really everything, while enjoying the beautiful panoramic view!
We started with fruits sweets and musli, which you can grind there freshly by yourself out of buckwheat, oat and spelt! Then going on with salty and warm dishes we had pizza, pasta, salads, anti pasti and many other yummy stuff!
And of course at the end sweets again! My favorites were chocolate brownies and mousse au chocolate and my absolute favorite: a mouthwatering and super soft creamy strawberry mousse !!!
Could do so every weekend from now on 😉
For other events and daily menus find more on
The address: Warschauerstraße 33 near S-Bahn station Warschauerstraße













Chocolate pudding with Avocado

One of my most favorite ways to start the day!
This chocolate pudding is as healthy and tasty as its also really easy and fast made!!
You just need (for 1 person)

• 1 avocado
• 1 banana
• half apple
• cocoa powder

Give all in a blender and its ready to eat!!
If you want to make an ice cream out of it, cut banana and apple in pieces and freeze it before you blend all together!!
And the best… There is absolutely no need of sugar!! If you want it extra sweet add 1 or 2 dates!!!



and frozen as ice cream it looks like that:


Pêle Mêle Neukölln

Today I found a new amazing vegan place to eat in Berlin!! It’s actually in my old “Kiez” in Neukölln near Sonnen Allee!
I had a cake which was so tasty that if I would have had enough money with me, I would have ordered directly another time 😉
You can sit nicely outside or inside, there is free water and nice people working there!
If you are not in a cake mood you can order as well sandwiches, soups, salads, giabattas or just a smoothy or a shake.
Always the first Sunday of the month there is a brunch for 10 euro from 11-17h and all is 100% vegan and if possible organic, faire and from region.
A lot if reasons to go back for me for this brunch!! 🙂
Innstraße 26, Berlin Neukölln
Near underground station Rathaus Neukölln for example