Wildbeets vegan and rawfood restaurant on Ibiza

As I’m regularly travel to Ibiza to teach yoga, pole dance and to enjoy this beautiful island, I have my favorite places to eat there! AndΒ Wild Beets definitely is one of them πŸ’š

Already the second time at this restaurant and I just love the menu!! Take a look at our blog post of last time’s visit at Wildbeets!Β Wildbeets Ibiza

This time I went there in a big group of people and had the chance to try a lot of its dishes πŸ˜‹Β  Continue reading “Wildbeets vegan and rawfood restaurant on Ibiza”


Out of time – Ibiza

No Ibiza without at least one visit at vegan and vegetarian restaurant ‘Out of time People’ πŸ’™ !! As I came this summer two times to this beautiful island, i had the chance to try a lot of this years menu!

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Wild Beets Ibiza

New favorite place to eat on Ibiza 😍❀️ !! A beautiful vegan restaurant in Santa Gerdtrudes.

I’ve been there for my birthday dinner and the place could not have been better for this day! It’s not easy to choose because everything on the menu sounds delicious! At the end we decided for a menu to try as many things as possible, but even to choose a menu was tricky as there were different ones. We chose the cooked menu at the end and had beetroot soup, Quesadilla, gluten free bread with different dips and a 3 different desserts 😊 mostly raw.

Next time, which is hopefully really soon, I’ll try the raw food menu !

There is a quit big area to sit outside and it’s easy to find on one of the main streets through Sta Gertrudes.


Carrer Venda de Fruitera, Santa Gertrudis

Casita Verde – IbizaΒ 

this wonderful place on Ibiza has a lot to offer and a lot to explore!

Every Sunday there is a vegetarian lunch in the afternoon and there’s always a vegan option. You won’t pay more than 10 euros and will have only organic and homegrown vegetables and fruits! The view over the mountains while you eat is amazing and afterwards you can have a little stroll thrift this fantastic place which only uses solar energy and is self sustainable. 

Take a closer look at its organization the Green Heart for different projects to help ibizas environment!

Beautiful and great place and always worth a visit if you want to see another side of Ibiza!

Check out their page for upcoming events and more informations about this wonderful place:




Benirras – vegan at the beach

Benirras is one of my favorite beaches on Ibiza! It’s beautiful to listen to some Hippies playing drums or just watch the sunset!

But also for eating vegan it’s a great place! At Elements you can have a delicious vegan burger made from lentils and chickpeas and vegan sandwiches!

In front of the restaurants is a little juice bar which offers great smoothies, juices and superfood smoothies! Perfect after a long night out on Ibiza 😜πŸ’ͺ🏼✨

Biorganic Eco-Shop Ibiza

When I’m on Ibiza I’m in permanent need of healthy food to get all the energy needed in Ibiza’s great nightlife! In this organic supermarket you’ll find all you need to reload your batteries on Ibiza with high quality food!

Besides all groceries an organic supermarket has to offer, you can have a fresh made smoothy or one of the homemade raw food cakes. There is also a good variety of rawfood cheese, humus and salads. A lot of vegan foods like cheese, soy products or ice cream .

The shop is located of one of the big streets leading into Ibiza cebter! And there is another one in Santa Eulalia!

Avenida EspaΓ±a 11, Eivissa 

Molins de ReΓ­ 3, Santa Eulalia



Ciel Azul – Santa Eulalia

I’m just sitting in the Ciel Azul which is a little restaurant and also a place to rent apartments in Santa Eulalia.
Today they have only two vegan dishes, an organic salad and Mushroom Ravioli, a few vegetarian options but also one dish with fish 😦 so its not really a veggie place…
But anyway a visit worth if you are in the near! While waiting for the food you can take a swim in the pool and all looks a little bit like in a fairy tale πŸ™‚
(Carrer Llevant 7, Santa Eulalia)




Pita Madre Ibiza

Just found a great place in Ibiza town!
It’s completely vegetarian with even more vegan things on the menu like vegetarian!
The food is absolutely tasty and overall even quiet cheap!
From Tapas over salads too mixed plates with Hummus, Falafel and, of course, Pita bread you find a lot of good things here!
Don’t miss this place when you are on Ibiza!!
It’s in Carrer de Manuel SorΓ , near the footway up to the castle.




Passion is a nice restaurant and Juice bar in Playa den Bossa. It’s not a vegetarian restaurant but half of the menu is vegetarian and there are also a few vegan and raw dishes!
Prices moderate, food delicious!
My advice:
The Macro-Bio Salad
(quinoa,lentils,sesame encrusted tofu, Arame algae,carrot,corn,onion,radish,mixed seeds,Combu chips)
And a Power Smoothy
(Acai,banana,guarana,soy milk)



Out of Time – Vegetarian Restaurant in Ibiza Town

Just visited my first vegetarian restaurant in my ibiza season this year. it’s a great place to take a rest and enjoy good and healthy food!!
It’s located in Ibiza town, near the castle.
And this year, compared to the last, it has even more vegan options and a nice self made vegan cheese!
I started with a almond cinnamon milk, had then as a starter a raw-vegetable-spaghetti salad, then a veggi burger and a tasty seitan dish….
A must have seen in Ibiza for sure!!
You can take part even in yoga and meditation classes there.