Soy – vegan Vietnamese Restaurant Berlin Mitte

This year couldn’t start any better with finally exploring the vegan Vietnamese restaurant soy in Berlin Mitte!!

I was about time to finally see this place because it’s really awesome! The restaurantΒ is located next to VolksbΓΌhne at Rosa Luxemburg Platz and you can see it while you are sitting inside through the big windows!

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This super hip and new food store in Berlin Mitte is a real health oasis!
You’ll find many smoothies, fresh juices, salads, dishes with rice or quinoa and other raw food goodies like caramel slices and kale chips!
My favorite smoothy so far is Choc Choc grave with almond milk and raw cacao nips!
They have also wheat grass and ginger shots!
There is a nice outside area where you can sit nicely in one of the side streets near Hackischer Markt.
If you are lazy at home or at work you also can order in the midday or evening!
We would highly recommend this place if you want to eat healthy and hang out at a cool place!!

Find it in:
Weinbergsweg 3
10119 Berlin

Near underground station Rosenthaler Platz





Chay Viet

All the time I had it right in front of my Yoga studio, Jivamukti Yoga in Mitte, and just found out now what a great place I missed till now!!
All plates are made with really fresh vegetables and I ate a lot of stuff which u didn’t knew before, so I guess it’s what normally is made with meat or fish. It’s an vegetarian restaurant but the vegan options are a lot, quiet more actually that the vegetarian plates!
I had Wan Tan soup, a traditional Vietnamese dish with tofu and could also taste another noodle soup and a starter with tofu wrapped in betel leaves. But most of all I fall in love with the dessert like always… A warm banana wrapped in sweet rice and served with coconut milk. Great idea, especially as I like all what’s made with bananas πŸ™‚
It’s in Brunnenstraße 164, between underground station Rosenthaler Platz and Bernauer Straße.







Its really time to introduce now one of the best places to have a nice dinner in Berlin! The restaurant Kopps serves Β hundred percent vegan, healthy and also absolutely delicious food in Berlin Mitte.
You can eat there a lot of nice typical German dishes and all from Cordon-bleu to calamari fries and not to forget mouthwatering desserts!
At the weekend there is also a big brunch which I especially like! There I had the pleassure to eat my first vegan “Hackepeter” which is really typical german !
It’s a great place for having a nice lunch or dinner or to just take a drink at the weekend with maybe even listening to a Dj playing there.
You find it in Linienstraße 94, next to metro station Rosenthaler Platz…
If you are from Berlin you will for sure know this place, if you come to visit Berlin don’t miss the chance to eat there!!

Artichoke starter


Cordon bleu

SΓΌnne on playtime

Cheese plate

Chocolate dessert

Samādhi Southeast Asian Restaurant

In this vegetarian restaurant you can enjoy southeast Asian food, of which I am a very big fan!!
I had a really nice papaya salad and a really delicious dessert with banana and coconut milk.
But be prepared for not the biggest portions and not the cheapest prices as well for it is in an expensive area in Berlin.
But for the tasty food it’s anyway a visit worth! Find out and enjoy!!
You find it in Wilhelmstr.77,
next underground station: Brandenburger Tor or Mohrenstr.