For me there are not many things as relaxing as a warm cup of tea in my hand maybe a good book and a candle next to me 😻 As a big tea lover I’m drinking every day one liter green tea already in the morning! I start my day with tea and I love to end it with tea πŸ’š And so I’m always looking for new tea creations πŸ’–πŸ΅ Continue reading “Teasire”


Lunch Vegaz – vegan delivery BerlinΒ 

And again we are testing a Berlin delivery service, and this time even a fully vegan one!! πŸŒ±πŸ˜»πŸ’š

Lunch Vegaz is currently offering 8 lunch boxes, and soon they plan to offer 30!! This healthy food boxes are strictly prepared with fresh organic ingredients, without any flavor enhancers or preservatives. Continue reading “Lunch Vegaz – vegan delivery BerlinΒ “

Out of time – Ibiza

No Ibiza without at least one visit at vegan and vegetarian restaurant ‘Out of time People’ πŸ’™ !! As I came this summer two times to this beautiful island, i had the chance to try a lot of this years menu!

Continue reading “Out of time – Ibiza”

La Lanterna – Verona

I just love Italian food! Now I had the chance to visit Verona for the first time!! The first place I checked was the whole vegan organic restaurant La Lanterna!

They have all typical Italian dishes like pizza, pasta and antipasti, but also special ones like pasta al cacao !! Of course I had ti take this one πŸ˜‰ Continue reading “La Lanterna – Verona”

Vegabond CafΓ© Amsterdam

Checking out the vegan places in Amsterdam and found this great place!!
Vegabond CafΓ© in the center of Amsterdam is a whole vegan CafΓ© which serves many sugar and gluten free options and raw food!
The tofu scramble sandwich is very good! It’s with home made mayo and avocado!
Perfect addition: the hot choco coco drink with whipped cream! And maybe a cupcake πŸ˜‰ 
They have also wraps, smoothies and a lot of raw food energy balls, cakes and brownies!
It’s located in an organic shop, so you can sit nicely inside or outside on the street with a nice view over the one of Amsterdam’s beautiful canals, Lilien Gracht and afterwards do your shopping there!

Find it in:

Liliengracht 16, Amsterdam 





Casita Verde – IbizaΒ 

this wonderful place on Ibiza has a lot to offer and a lot to explore!

Every Sunday there is a vegetarian lunch in the afternoon and there’s always a vegan option. You won’t pay more than 10 euros and will have only organic and homegrown vegetables and fruits! The view over the mountains while you eat is amazing and afterwards you can have a little stroll thrift this fantastic place which only uses solar energy and is self sustainable. 

Take a closer look at its organization the Green Heart for different projects to help ibizas environment!

Beautiful and great place and always worth a visit if you want to see another side of Ibiza!

Check out their page for upcoming events and more informations about this wonderful place:




Biorganic Eco-Shop Ibiza

When I’m on Ibiza I’m in permanent need of healthy food to get all the energy needed in Ibiza’s great nightlife! In this organic supermarket you’ll find all you need to reload your batteries on Ibiza with high quality food!

Besides all groceries an organic supermarket has to offer, you can have a fresh made smoothy or one of the homemade raw food cakes. There is also a good variety of rawfood cheese, humus and salads. A lot of vegan foods like cheese, soy products or ice cream .

The shop is located of one of the big streets leading into Ibiza cebter! And there is another one in Santa Eulalia!

Avenida EspaΓ±a 11, Eivissa 

Molins de ReΓ­ 3, Santa Eulalia



Lab organic in Covent Garden, London

This almost fully raw eatery and juice bar strikes the heart of anyone who is into clean eating and plant based diet. All the high quality ingredients that are being used there are juiced, blended, mixed and created into healthy and delicious treats that are boosting your system with all the goodness of fresh veg, greens and fruit and lots of superfoods. The atmosphere is spa like, everything looks freshly prepared and appealing. I tried several of their cold pressed juices, smoothies, raw cakes and also courgetties that came with a great tomato sauce that also tasted very fresh. Everything at lab organic tastes amazing and my favourite is the recharge smoothie with a cold brew coffee.

You can also order juice cleanses if you need a detox πŸ˜‰

Definitely check them out!

58 Neil street, London WC2H 9PA


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Veggi Vegan London

In this vegetarian whole food restaurant you can have a delicious lunch buffet between 12 and 15:30pm or dine in the evening Γ  la carte from 17:30 till 22:30pm!
A really healthy way to have lunch! For the buffet you can choose from nutritious salads like spinach avocado salad and tasty hot dishes like filled tomatoes or Saitan steaks. And of course you can eat as much as you want!
Lunch Buffet is around 8 pounds if I remember well, so for organic food a more than faire price!
Relaxed atmosphere and nice people, definitely I place I want to come back when I’m in London again!! πŸ™‚
It’s in:
222 North End Road, London W14 9NU
See also:





Project : deli

Strolling over the Street Food Market in Neue Heimat Berlin, of course in search of something vegan, I found ‘Vegane Stullen’ from Project:deli.
Project:deli is a wonderful project, which helps young adults with psychic illnesses with working in the area healthy and vegan nutrition!
The ‘Stullen’ (Berlin saying for bread or sandwich) are made of homemade bread and a lot of things you can choose to put on it! I think I had almost everything πŸ˜‰ which was cashew cheese, beans spread, salad, marinated vegetables, tofu, raw vegetables and chutney !!
You can also choose between different breads! My choice was fennel bread πŸ™‚
All organic and fair and all profit goes into this important project.
It’s so good to see things like this pop up πŸ™‚ and I think I don’t have to mention that the ‘Stulle’ was super delicious!! ok now I did πŸ˜‰ but find out yourself and at the same time support a good thing! Win win situation I would say!
Check their page for upcoming events: