Lia’s Kitchen Berlin


We found a new vegan and absolutely awesome place for you!! 😻😻😻

Lia’s Kitchen in Pernzlauer Berg offers homemade burgers, salads, fries, smoothies shakes and even vegan ice cream 🍦🌱💖 ! Continue reading “Lia’s Kitchen Berlin”


Green Garden delivery

And again we tested a food delivery! By now you might know that we love to order food 😜😜😜

This time we tried a few things of Green Garden delivery and are absolutely excited about it!! Not everything is vegan but we found some really nice vegan foods on their menu! There are also a lot of extra ingredients which you can add to everything like dried tomatoes, artichokes or vegetable quinoa! If you want you can order completely gluten and sugar free! And of course fully vegan! They even told me on the phone that the salad sauce is not vegan because of the vinegar! And this really is advanced vegan knowledge which should be given with every food delivery! 🤓 Continue reading “Green Garden delivery”

Paletas Berlin

Look at this sexy thing😍

I’m so happy to see how Berlin has flourished, in terms of vegan products, cafes, restaurants and shops. If you see billboard advertisements of one of the biggest chocolate manufactures in Germany, who are advertising for their new vegan chocolate range, then I think things are really rolling towards a vegan revolution. 

Yey! So this is a relativley new store from Paletas Berlin whose vegan “Eis am Stil” we have already tried a few years back on the Neukölln Flowmarkt (A really beautiful fleamarket on Maybachufer). 

Now they opened this really sweet little popsicles shop that also serves coffee in Wühlischstrasse, Friedrichshain. Look how cute it looks!!

Not everything is vegan, but you can get vegan versions dipped with dark chocolate and hazelnut crunch or coconut flakes ❤️

I chose strawberry basil covered in dark chocolate and coconut flakes. 

Made from fresh fruits and veg these artisan popsicles are a thousand times better than the flavoured water ice creams you can get in normal stores. It’s basically like a frozen smoothie 😌

Find it @ 

Wühlischstrasse 26, 10245 Berlin


This awesome place looks like a butcher from outside! Actually when I came in I was wondering for one second if I confused the house number 😅 what seems like a big butchers table is all about veggie sausages and mock meat!

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Simply V vegan cheese 

As we love vegan cheese we are more than happy to see more and more vegan cheese alternatives !!

One very good one is the cheese of SimplyV ! This company is fully vegan and produces all its cheese on base of almonds, without soy, artificial flavor enhancers or palm oil!

The mix of almonds, water, coconut oil and salt makes a perfect creamy texture! By now we tried the plain cream cheese, cream cheese paprika, sliced cheese with pepper and chocolate cream! We tried a lot of recipes with these different cheeses! All recipes are from SimplyV and here is the outcome! Let’s start with breakfast!!


Cheese breakfast

We are getting started with maybe one of the most classical versions of German breakfast… Buns with cheese and chocolate cream!! My favorite of this one: sliced cheese with cucumber and of course with the creamy but still light chocolate cream 😋

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Meatless District Amsterdam 

I decided on my last day in Amsterdam last weekend, to get up one hour earlier and take a walk to Meatless District, a fully vegan restaurant, for having breakfast there! It totally was worth it!!

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Koffie Ende Koeck Amsterdam 

While having an amazing time in Amsterdam with celebrating there Pride, already the second time now, of course I took a look at some vegan places I haven’t been before!

I went for breakfast at Koffie ende Koeck, a whole vegan and organic cafe which serves breakfast, lunch, coffees and a lot of cakes! I had Massala Latte, a croissant with jelly and a piece of their awesome cake collection 😻 Continue reading “Koffie Ende Koeck Amsterdam “

Möhren Milieu Mainz

Found an absolutelty fantastic vegan place in Mainz!!

Had such an delicious lunch that I really have to go there soon again! But it’s not only super yummy but also healthy as everything from food to drinks they use is  fresh and organic ! There are a lot of gluten free and raw options and many many different cakes 😍 Continue reading “Möhren Milieu Mainz”

Brammibal’s Donuts

Finally Berlin has a whole vegan Donut shop!! We had the chance to be at its opening and came back last weekend for more!!  As many people already knew their donuts from other events where they are sold, at its opening they were sold out two times that day!!

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Planet Veganus 

We visited this place already two times and are already looking forward to the next time!!! It’s located in Kreuzberg where you can sit outside in a little street of Bergmann Kiez.

We had so far the Vebab (vegan kebab) , the cheeseburger and a mixed plate with a little bit of everything! And of course a few of the different cakes, like Black Forest cake if you like it creamy or the strawberry cake with a delicious extra chocolate layer under the cake ground 😋

We definitely plan to try a lot more of the menu! There are soups, salads, more desserts and daily changing main dishes like fried mushrooms or Schnitzel!

If you don’t know this place yet, make sure to visit it soon!!

Find it:

Schenkendorfstraße 1, Berlin Kreuzberg

Next metro: Gneisenausstraße (U7)

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