Olive Dolci – vegan ice cream shop Rome

I can’t believe it that I didn’t checked Happy Cowย good enough to find out that Rome has a whole vegan ice cream shop!! Luckily I had still a free day left as I was teaching nearly every day yoga and stretching classes ๐Ÿ˜…ย  Continue reading “Olive Dolci – vegan ice cream shop Rome”


Romeow Cat Bistrot Rome

A place full of cats and good food which you shouldn’t miss in Rome!! I came there in the afternoon so I couldn’t get the full lunch menu anymore. But they still had Quiche and a lot of cakes! I really had an excellent raw food cake!! You can also have smoothies, juices, salads and coffees.

And the best thing, you can hang out with all the cats who are relaxing in every corner of this place. Or read a cat book in the cosy little second floor!

Don’t miss this place when you are in Rome!! Find it:

Via Francesco Negri, 15, Rome 



Universo Vegano Italia

A new vegan place to eat in Rome ๐Ÿ™‚ !! And it’s actually the first vegan fast food chain with shops in different italian cities like Milan, Verona, Turin and Rome ๐Ÿ™‚
With their philosophy of respecting all animals and nonviolence for all life, they use only natural products, strictly vegan products of course, and give also importance to regional products.
You’ll find there bagels, burger, focaccia, sandwiches, hotdogs, vegan kebab, Piadina which is there called Veghina and is filled with various things! One of my favourites, directly after the Saitan Tonnato, which is something like a tuna sandwich, is the Veghina chocolate !!!
There are 2 shops in Rome, on in Trastevere, in Piazza di Santa, Rufina 6 , and one in Campo de’Fioro at Piazza del Patadiso 18.
For the other cities watch out:








Arancia Blu

This vegetarian restaurant has a really beautiful interior! Sitting there you feel like in a big comfortable living room for its cosy atmosphere and a big shelve full of books and DVDs. The food is quiet good, I had an amazing starter of raw artichoke and hummus followed of fried ravioli and almond sorbet as dessert. As a vegan these were the only things out of the menu, because nearly all of the rest was made with egg and much with cheese, so its not that vegan friendly, but as long there is a vegan dessert for me I’m happy!
Its located in Via Prenestina, 396e






I sapori di Liila

A new vegan restaurant found its place in Rome, Mentana!
In this lovely places which is run by an even lovelier woman, you get vegan organic food, for sure made with a lot of love!
You can order a la carte or take the menu for around 25 euro which includes not only starters, main dish, dessert and water, but also mostly a little cute surprises!
What I liked there really much was that there is a nice variety of wine and other alcoholic drinks…alcohol free!
But of course also the hard stuff if you want ๐Ÿ˜‰
If you are wondering about all the food in shape of hearts on my pictures… It was valentines day ๐Ÿ™‚
And like always I realized that I wanted to make pictures of the dessert, when it was eaten by me like a crazy!
The restaurant is open for lunch or dinner every day except Tuesday and you find it in Via 3 Novembre, 59 in Roma, Mentana!








Vegan Dinner and Cooking classes at OPs

And again I joined a fabulous evening at restaurant vegetarian OPS, this time with a menu cooked from participants of a cooking class that day.
It was a very nice and completely vegan menu with starters from a buffet, a first and a second plate and a nice dessert of which like often I couldn’t made the picture anymore because I ate it directly without able to think anymore ๐Ÿ˜‰
Nearly all visitors of this evening were in accord that Seitan is something much more better than normal meat!
And as the perfect end of the evening I got a copy of the book from the chef himself!
So if you live in Rome and want to improve your cooking abilities I can suggest this one! Or take the book like I did! Can’t wait to try a few recipes soon!








Un Punto Macrobiotico

Berlinveganlove girl Sรผnne and me were this weekend reunited in Rome and if course enjoyed together the great Italian kitchen!
We found among a lot of other nice places this macrobiotic restaurant in San Lorenzo.
It’s not really a vegetarian restaurant because they have one or two things with fish but the rest is completely vegan because there are no meat, dairy or eggs used!
We took the lunch menu for 10 euro and of course tasted all of the different cakes for dessert!
The lunch menu consists 5 different meals like whole grain salads, pasta or couscous Gnocchi with almond cream sauce.
After eating a lot of fatty and heavy food it was our rescue!
We were in Via del Volsci 121 where you find next to the restaurant also a macrobiotic shop!
But also in Via dei Campani 65/67 is another macrobiotic restaurant, but with pizza. This should be checked out soon!





Ristorante ops

Ops! is a vegetarian restaurant with a Buffett and salad bar with 85 percent vegan delicacies!
You can choose what you want and let it weighed for find out the price.
There are also a few nice vegan desserts, like my absolute favorite… the apple crumple !!!
The atmosphere is really nice and the food delicious!
Happy to found a new veggi place here for me!!
It’s near Villa Borghese,
in Via Bergamo 56, near the metro station Policlinico or Castro Pretorio.




La Bibliothรจ – veggi indian restaurant

That’s one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants in Rome!
‘La Bibliothรจ’ is not only a restaurant for Indian and vegetarian food, it’s also a library with a big variety of interesting books, you can participate in Sanskrit classes and sometimes there are even Yoga classes or other events!
For eat I suggest the days menu which you can order completely vegan!
It’s in Via Celsa 4/5, at Piazza del Gesรน





Vegan ice cream in Gelateria dei Gracchi

More vegan ice cream in Rome!!
In Via dei Gracchi is an ice cream shop which is also called ‘La Gelateria dei Gracchi’
Watch out for the ice cream with the blue spoon in it! These are the vegan tastes, which are around 15 in number!!
I can already recommend:
Chocolate&Orange, coconut and Pear&Caramel !!
The vegan tastes are not made with soy milk but with fructose and are really delicious!