Sixty Degrees

That’s the thing with Berlin: there is such a huge amount of ever expanding vegan discoveries to be explored that it’s difficult to keep up with it all sometimes.

That’s why we are quite happy if people get in touch with us about suggestions, letting us know about new vegan spots or new vegan dishes on the menu.

This is how we found out about Sixty Degrees, who are a vegetarian coffee shop, serving speciality coffee, breakfasts, lunch, sandwiches, smoothies, cakes and a lovely typical Berliner atmosphere with a book exchange corner and changing art exibitions. Β  Continue reading “Sixty Degrees”


Lab organic in Covent Garden, London

This almost fully raw eatery and juice bar strikes the heart of anyone who is into clean eating and plant based diet. All the high quality ingredients that are being used there are juiced, blended, mixed and created into healthy and delicious treats that are boosting your system with all the goodness of fresh veg, greens and fruit and lots of superfoods. The atmosphere is spa like, everything looks freshly prepared and appealing. I tried several of their cold pressed juices, smoothies, raw cakes and also courgetties that came with a great tomato sauce that also tasted very fresh. Everything at lab organic tastes amazing and my favourite is the recharge smoothie with a cold brew coffee.

You can also order juice cleanses if you need a detox πŸ˜‰

Definitely check them out!

58 Neil street, London WC2H 9PA

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Rag Bar Frankfurt

After half a year drooling all over the photos of raw cakes, raw burritos and whatnots on the facebook page of Rag Bar we finally got the chance to get our tummies filled with this rawsome goodness. After a yoga and meditation workshop weekend in Frankfurt this was just the perfect treat. The amount of superfood smoothies was amazing and what I also really liked was that they grow their own wheatgrass on the counter. I chose the blueberry hill smoothie with hemp seeds and hemp milk. The nut milks are all homemade and superfresh and overall everything there looked very fresh and appetizing. The raw quiche which was a pleasure to eat had a sunflower seed crust and delicious cashew cream cheese topped with avocado, tomatoes and sprouts, and was also prepared freshly for us by the friendly staff. Β We felt energized to no end after this meal and treated us with some raw white chocolate fudge and someΒ cashew macadamia pecan chocolate bitesΒ which were also truly amazing. They had a big variety of raw cakes which I would have loved to try and also vegan cupcakes. This will have to wait for the next visit. As I am such a big fan of raw food I simply love Rag Bar Β and wish there would be a place in Berlin like this. My tip if you visit Frankfurt and Rag Bar: get your food and drink “to go” and take the escalator to the top floor of the shopping center to have a lovely view over the town while you’re picnicking. check out their facebook page: Β Zeil 112-114, Zeilgalerie UG 60313 Frankfurt am Main ImageImageImageImage ImageImage Image

Juicy Jones Barcelona (Carrer Cardenal)

Another Juicy Jones!! Also only a few minutes from La Rambla in Carrer Cardenenal Casa as 7
They have the same menu and the same great shakes πŸ™‚
Like the Kiwi Mestizo with banana, kiwi, cacao and soy milk!





Juicy Jones Barcelona (Carrer Hospital 74)

I just arrived in Barcelona and can’t imagine a better start for my time here!
After a long and exhausting trip with the plan, the bus and too many things to carry, I finally arrived in Juicy Jones.
This vegan restaurant and smoothy & shake bar is already a visit worth for its great paintings all over every wall inside!!
The smoothis and Shakes are just great and besides Tapas, Boquadillos (Sandwiches), salads and sweets there is always a menu of the day where you can choose between 5 items for starters, main course and desert.
I had onion soup, chili sin carne with guacamole and cheese nachos and apple crumple.. And it was just delicious !!
Don’t miss this place!! It’s definitely a must seen in Barcelona!!!!
You find it in the center of the city, near La Rambla in Carrer Hospital 77





Passion is a nice restaurant and Juice bar in Playa den Bossa. It’s not a vegetarian restaurant but half of the menu is vegetarian and there are also a few vegan and raw dishes!
Prices moderate, food delicious!
My advice:
The Macro-Bio Salad
(quinoa,lentils,sesame encrusted tofu, Arame algae,carrot,corn,onion,radish,mixed seeds,Combu chips)
And a Power Smoothy
(Acai,banana,guarana,soy milk)