Benirras – vegan at the beach

Benirras is one of my favorite beaches on Ibiza! It’s beautiful to listen to some Hippies playing drums or just watch the sunset!

But also for eating vegan it’s a great place! At Elements you can have a delicious vegan burger made from lentils and chickpeas and vegan sandwiches!

In front of the restaurants is a little juice bar which offers great smoothies, juices and superfood smoothies! Perfect after a long night out on Ibiza 😜πŸ’ͺ🏼✨


Healthy green flaxseed smoothy

Time for a smoothy recipe again!
This one is perfect for autumn and coming winter days!
I have it often for breakfast, but this green smoothy will do you good all day!
β€’ 1 banana
β€’ 1 apple
β€’ 1 orange
β€’ a hand full of fresh spinach
β€’ a piece of ginger
β€’ a handful of flaxseeds
In a blender, add a little bit water and blend!!
It’s full of vitamins and stuff that will help your immune system to resist the cold and to stay fit and healthy!



Strawberry mint smoothy

After way too long time I couldn’t find the time to write something, for it took me too much time to finish my bachelor thesis and also to recover from this πŸ˜‰
My last entry was a green smoothy, so I start again with a green smoothy which I had for breakfast!
Really sweet taste and energy giving in the morning!

β€’ strawberries (a handful)
β€’ 1 banana
β€’ half apple
β€’ 1 pear
β€’ 1 kiwi
β€’ mint leaves (a handful)

For a little extra green I let the leaves on the strawberries and put it all in a blender. Often are many vitamins in the leaves if fruits and vegetables!
After putting a little water and blending you will have a smoothy for 2 or 3 persons. Does it sound crazy if I tell you that I drank all alone? πŸ˜‰


Goji pear smoothy

Since a few days this, after a fresh squeezed orange juice, is my breakfast!
A smoothy with:
β€’ 1 banana
β€’ half apple
β€’ 1 pear
β€’ a handful dried goji berries

Mix all and add water till you have the right consistency and ready!


Chia seed pudding and green smoothie breakfast

If you ever wonderedΒ what a raw foodie eats for breakfast then this is what it could look like

This picture shows a green smoothie on the right and the chia pudding with dates, bananas and raw cacao on the leftΒ aaaand a big plate of fresh fruit in this case I had fresh figs, persimons, bananas and apples.

I am not living completely raw but through my searches in the internet for vegan stuff I also always got a lot of information on all this raw food stuff. Therefor I always include a great amount of fresh veggies and fruit in my daily meals. It makes a lot of sense to me that it must Β really beΒ  the healthiest way of eating as your body needs those enzymes which are provided only by fresh and alive food. If you ever saw someone who is eating a raw diet you must have noticed their good skin. It seems like they are glowing and radiating the freshness which they consume day by day. Makes sense as the human skin replaces itself every 28 days (your liver 5 months and your bones 10 years) and your body makes these cells out of the food you eat. What you eat literally becomes you!

There are a few role models in the raw scene which are known by the media as natural wonders as the don’t seem to age. One of them is called Mimi Kirk and the otherΒ lady is Annette Larkins. They are both in their seventies and are for me amazing and inspiring women. I added Β youtube links if you are interested.

So sometimes I make a raw day. I found chia seeds trough my recipes searches. It is an ancient superfood which was already eaten by the Mayans. As it provides a lot of energy the mayans used to take it if they had to transfer messages through the jungle. They could run all day with the help of these little seeds. In fact, Chia means “strength” in the language of the Mayans and the seeds were considered medicine. They were actually prized more than gold due to their incredible health enhancing properties.

They are an protein and calcium boost!!

In order for the calcium to be best absorbed into the body you got to combine with almonds. Also you need to always acitvate nuts and seeds by soaking them in liquid. So I soak my chia seeds for 1/2h Β in almond milk (which is the cheapest and best when homemade!) Then the seeds shed some gel and you receive a substance just like pudding . I add 4 dates and some raw cacao powder for sweet and yumminess.

the green smoothie is simply 2 hands spinach leaves, Β 1 cup pineapple, 1 frozen banana and 1 orange.

and here the links:

Avocado Kiwi Spinach Smoothy

Wow this smoothy is a bomb!
I just came home from an exhausting dancing class and needed fast much to ear, but not to much, for here in Italy I have to be careful with the good Italian cuisine! So… a smoothy had to be done!!
I put inside:
β€’ 1/3 cucumber
β€’ half avocado
β€’ 5 little cocktail tomatoes
β€’ spinach
β€’ 1 Kiwi
β€’ half apple
β€’ handful sunflower seeds

Forest fruits would get along with that pretty well too!!



Green Smoothy Time

we wanted to make a smoothy but had a few kohlrabi leaves left from the days dinner…. so the smoothy became a green one! mostly the leaves of vegetables contain more vitamines than the vegetable itself! the kohlrabi leaves are not easy to mix so don’t put to much inside!!