Soy – vegan Vietnamese Restaurant Berlin Mitte

This year couldn’t start any better with finally exploring the vegan Vietnamese restaurant soy in Berlin Mitte!!

I was about time to finally see this place because it’s really awesome! The restaurantΒ is located next to VolksbΓΌhne at Rosa Luxemburg Platz and you can see it while you are sitting inside through the big windows!

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VΓ©gΓ©’ Sauveurs

Another visit in Paris, another vegan restaurant which we found!

This Asian restaurant offers a big menu of Vietnamese and Thai kitchen and has every mock meat from soy duck till seafood!

I ordered a hot pot with caramelized chicken, sticky rice and the starter platter with spring rolls, dumplings and a ‘pork’ steak and as dessert hot banana in coconutmilk.

Find it in:

29, Rue Charenton , near metro station La Batille, metro line 1 






Tiramisuuuuuuuu… How I missed you!! Of course you find here in Italy in some places vegan Tiramisu, but much much too less still!!!
I made yesterday my first self made tiramisu ever and already preparing it was so much fun that I nearly ate just all the cream πŸ˜‰
It’s not the healthiest thing of course and maybe after a session like this its urgently sports time, but believe me, it’s worth it!!!
You need:
For the cream
β€’ 300 gramm Tofu
β€’ 250 gram margarine
β€’ 125 gram cane suger
β€’ juice of half orange
β€’ 20 cl soy cream

β€’ a package of Zwieback (watch out that you catch a vegan one)
β€’ 2 espressi
β€’ 2 oranges
β€’ cherry juice
β€’ cacao powder

Melt the margarine and mix it with all the other ingredients for the cream.
Mix the two espressi with 5 spoons of cherry juice (normally its with Amaretto, but I didn’t want to buy a whole bottle just for one Tiramisu, so I took oranges, thanks to my orange juice cravings every morning this is an always in kitchen item!, and cherry juice),
take the zwiebacks and dip them in the espresso-cherry juice mix that they soak a little bit the liquid. Fill with this the floor of the dish and put over it the first layer of cream.
Dip now in the same procedure the Zwiebacks in you fresh squeezed orange juice and cover with this the cream layer.
After this another layer of cream and over night in the fridge!