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Soy – vegan Vietnamese Restaurant Berlin Mitte

This year couldn’t start any better with finally exploring the vegan Vietnamese restaurant soy in Berlin Mitte!!

I was about time to finally see this place because it’s really awesome! The restaurantย is located next to Volksbรผhne at Rosa Luxemburg Platz and you can see it while you are sitting inside through the big windows!

We took a while till we were able to decide what to order because everything on the menu sounded delicious! There are quite a few dishes I never ate before! We had homemade ice tea and decided for papaya salad and a Vietnamese crunchy crepe as starters, a glass noodle dish and a hotpot as mains and of course dessert, fried banana with sticky rice and coconut cream ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹



Everything was sooooo good!! We really have to go there again because there is so much more on the menu to try!! Next time we’ll go for the hot pot for 2 !!

As their name already suggests, you will find a lot of tasty Tofu creations on the menu! But not only is it a great place to have vegan food, the intention is as well to serve healthy and fresh dishes! They mostly use organic ingredients without artificial colors or flavor enhancers!

If you are in Mitte you really have to take a look at this place! It’s amazing!!

Find it:

Rosa Luxemburg str 30 , 10178 Berlin Mitte

Homepage Soy
Facebook SOY


Dieses Jahr hat fรผr uns perfekt gestartet mit dem veganen vietnamesischen Restaurant soy in Berlin Mitte!

Endlich haben wir es dorthin geschafft denn es ist absolut groรŸartig dort!! Das Restaurant befindet sich direkt am Rosa Luxemburg Platz bei der Volksbรผhne, die man auch von drinnen durch die riesigen Fenster sehen kann!

Das bestellen hat etwas gedauert weil sich alles auf der Karte so lecker anhรถrt und ich tatsรคchlich viele Sachen auch noch nicht kannte! Wir haben uns entschieden fรผr hausgemachten Eistee, einen vietnamesischen Crรชpe und Papaya Salat als Vorspeise, ein Glasnudel Gericht und einen Hotpot als Hauptgang und natรผrlich war auch noch Platz fรผr einen Nachtisch, Banane im sticky Reis mit Cocoscreme ๐Ÿ˜ป๐Ÿ˜ป๐Ÿ˜ป

Alles hat sooooo unglaublich lecker geschmeckt!! Wir mรผssen auf jeden Fall noch ganz oft kommen! Auf der Karte gibt es noch so viel ner zu probieren!! Das nรคchste mal gibt es den Pot fรผr 2 !! ๐Ÿ˜‹

Wie der Name schon verrรคt gibt es einige Gerichte mit leckeren Tofu Kreationen! Aber dieses Restaurant ist nicht nur der perfekte Ort fรผr vegane asiatische Kรผche, sondern es wird auch groรŸer Wert auf gesunde und frische Gerichte gelegt. So werden weitgehend biologisch angebaute Zutaten benutzt und auf den Zusatz kรผnstlicher Farbstoffe oder Geschmacksverstรคrkern verzichtet!

Wenn ihr also in Mitte unterwegs seid, schaut unbedingt vorbei! Lohnt sich sowohl fรผr kleinen als auch groรŸen Hunger, oder einfach nur einen der leckeren hausgemachten Eistees!

Ihr findet dieses tolle Restaurant:

Rosa Luxemburg str 30, 10178 Berlin Mitte

Homepage Soy
Facebook Soy


Black Cat Vegan Cafe, London


So here we are, hungry vegan food hunters tracking down a colorful flyer promise of non profit, 100% vegan food that we found hanging on the blackboard of our favorite of all yoga studios: Jivamukti. Arrived in Hackney with roaring stomachs we don’t get disapointed of the menu – no we are in sheer delight of all the variety that is offered here! There is so much that we want to try, so we decide to take three main menus and starters and share them between us. Whilst we eagerly eye the cakes on the counter we know It will take a looong time until we leave this place and we get comfortable with a Hot Chocolate topped with marshmallows.


While we are waiting for our orders we explore the shop and find lots of bargains like a lovely Jutebeutel for 5 Pounds and a pizza cheese for 1.50.  You can find snacks, chocolate bars, faux meat and cheese, vegan household items and there is also a lot of interesting books about Veganism, Vegan cookery books or also anarchy literature. Everything is really cheap, of course because it is a non profit shop. Yeah!


The Main dishes are all really tasty and we feel that everything is homemade and fresh. We find out that we all three think that the Seitan Sandwich tastes outstanding good and we like the Lentil Pie with Mashed potato and Kale. The Burger is of course amazing as well. Its the first time for us to try a sausage baked in a bread roll and we wonder how this could happen?!


We can’t behave and order our cakes and brownies with whipped cream and large scoops of ice cream and have an amazing munch on the end of an amazing munch! Life is good with places like these! We are grateful to have found such an affordable, graceful, pleasure bringing institution and plan a return as soon as we can. meoooow!

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Pรชle Mรชle Neukรถlln

Today I found a new amazing vegan place to eat in Berlin!! It’s actually in my old “Kiez” in Neukรถlln near Sonnen Allee!
I had a cake which was so tasty that if I would have had enough money with me, I would have ordered directly another time ๐Ÿ˜‰
You can sit nicely outside or inside, there is free water and nice people working there!
If you are not in a cake mood you can order as well sandwiches, soups, salads, giabattas or just a smoothy or a shake.
Always the first Sunday of the month there is a brunch for 10 euro from 11-17h and all is 100% vegan and if possible organic, faire and from region.
A lot if reasons to go back for me for this brunch!! ๐Ÿ™‚
InnstraรŸe 26, Berlin Neukรถlln
Near underground station Rathaus Neukรถlln for example





Stuffed zucchini

Without a recipe and only with things I had at home I made this filed zucchinis, and they are actually really good!!
I used:

โ€ข 12 little zucchinis (for filling less if the bigger ones could be better)
โ€ข 1 tomato
โ€ข 150 grams of Tofu (I had even home made Tofu, the recipe you find also on this blog)
โ€ข 1 spring onion
โ€ข parsley
โ€ข salt, pepper, olive oil

Cut the zucchinis in halves and take a little bit out with a little spoon that you get little zucchini boats.
Cut the tomato and the onion in little pieces and mix it with the tofu till you have something like a cream. Put also parsley, salt, pepper and oil inside and give it in the zucchini boats.
Give breadcrumbs over all and also a little more olive oil and bake it for around 30 minutes with 200 degree.
I served it with rise, but also quinoa, couscous or potatoes could be nice!!





El Bambu Havana

This is one of the two real vegetarian restaurants, I could find in Cuba. It’s not really in the center of Havanna, actually more in the near of the airport and the taxi from the centre of Havana to there costs around 20 Euro. But it’s absolutely worth it! It’s inside a big botanic garden where you can relax and breath fresh air, for a change of the smoggy city life in Havana! Entry of the botanic garden is like 3 Euro and the bufett around 10 but with drinking included and you can eat as much as you want!

I was there on my last day as a stop on the way to the airport. If you do like this be sure you have enough time becuase when you arrive at the botanic garden you have to take a bus, which brings you there, but which also stops to show you plants ๐Ÿ™‚ For it was my last day I was happy to find fried green bananas! A nice variety of special salads and even eatable blossoms made it a light and healthy lunch! There are also many vegetable dishes, rise with beans and tofu! Actually the first and only time i found tofu in Cuba. There were only one dish, pasta with cheese, which was not vegan, and they even for would have cooked me pasta with tomato sauce just for me insead of it. But it was already perfect like this for me!!

You are sorrounded of bambu trees and I think if you are not under time pressure, like I was, it’s nice to stay after lunch the rest of the day in the botanic garden!

The restaurant is open only for lunch from 12 till 17 pm an it’s drectly in Jardรญn Botanico Nacional, Havana Zona di Parque Lenin