Sixty Degrees

That’s the thing with Berlin: there is such a huge amount of ever expanding vegan discoveries to be explored that it’s difficult to keep up with it all sometimes.

That’s why we are quite happy if people get in touch with us about suggestions, letting us know about new vegan spots or new vegan dishes on the menu.

This is how we found out about Sixty Degrees, who are a vegetarian coffee shop, serving speciality coffee, breakfasts, lunch, sandwiches, smoothies, cakes and a lovely typical Berliner atmosphere with a book exchange corner and changing art exibitions.   Continue reading “Sixty Degrees”


Café Morgenrot

Out for an afternoon snack in Prenzlauer Berg?
In Café Morgenrot which is not only a veggie cafe but also a meeting point with different event evenings, located in Kastanienallee 85, you get every day from 3pm nice and cheap vegan snacks!
For example Hummus and broccoli soup!



I’ve just found a great place in Friedrichshain last week!
It’s not completely a veggi restaurant but they have a lot of vegan options.
They offer a variety of different sandwiches and we had a raw vegan strawberry cheesecake which was so delicious!!
There is a really great atmosphere and the people are super nice!!
We were told that there even will be raw vegan cupcakes coming soon!!
So stay tuned I will try this out as soon as possible 😉